PGA Cars Inc. Press Release   
Porsche Philippines headed by Robert Coyiuto III, recently held  a one-day sport driving activity for the Porsche owners and customers at the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga last February 19, 2011.

“This driving program was patterned after Porsche’s very own internationally acclaimed Porsche Road Show event,” reveals  Coyiuto III. He adds, “We are very happy to have our drivers experience first hand from the veterans of circuit racing how to maximize the potential of our cars.” 

Dubbed the Porsche Sport Driving Experience, two Panamera V6 cars were driven by some thirty customers under the professional supervision of the legendary Ramirez racing clan lead by Menchie Ramirez, PGA Cars Motorsports Manager, champion race driver Georges Ramirez and current Philippine Touring Car Championship contender Stefan Ramirez. The participants experienced the Panamera V6 while tackling several exercises on the track designed to highlight it’s features. It gave them the opportunity to exploit the Panamera’s power and handling, as well as highlight its distinctive character of being both a luxury sedan and a true sports car all rolled into one.
The 1st leg of the Race Motorsports Club's National Slalom Series starts this Sunday, March 6, 2011 at the Robinsons Nova Market parking lot in Quezon City. With a lot of adrenaline-packed slalom racing action in store, newbies, car clubs, and race car drivers are all invited to join and compete in Sunday's exhilarating race.  
Registration starts at 8 am and practice will begin at 11 am. A free slalom clinic will also be provided from 9 to 10 am in the morning for beginners. Then at 11:30 am, lights turn green as the official runs gets going. Expect loads of fuel-burning and tire-screeching action as some of the country's most talented drivers tear up the track. Competing in this year's series are Dr. Peewee Mendiola of Bill Chill Racing, Ernie Moreno of Autofastion Team, Dwight Kevin Carlos, Donber Bumatay and Nino Sarte of DKC/T Factory, and Stephen Pelayo of Team Ultimate. Other teams will also join in the fray from Mitsu Lancer Phils., Circle Cy Racing Group, Street Legal, C Auto Performance, and Grupo Toyota. 

Come and experience first-hand some of the country's most breath-taking slalom action and this just might be your chance to be a real race car driver. Special discounts from the event's sponsors are also in store during the race for first timers and car club members. See you this Sunday and get ready to race til' you drop!
Honda Cars Philippines Inc. Press Release
This love month, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) promotes love for the environment to help keep blue skies for the children. HCPI recently invited students from the Ateneo Medical and Loyola Schools as part of its non-stop awareness campaign for fuel economy. The activity dubbed as the Honda Challenge Cup, was a fuel efficiency driving competition that imparted both realistic and economical driving techniques among participants. As the next generation of motorists, Honda taught these young students the correct way of driving to optimize fuel mileage.
To put these driving tips into practical use under real-world conditions, Honda provided its clean, green driving machines - the City, Jazz, Civic ,and Accord for the use of the participants. Students were then challenged to consume the least amount of gasoline under city and highway driving conditions, while using their normal driving style and with a running air conditioning system.  
turbo time
The multi award winning motoring radio talk show, Turbo Time, is now back on air on 106.7 Dream FM every Saturday, 1 to 2:30 pm. The dynamic duo of veteran racer Mike Potenciano and radio goddess Lindy Pellicer are now joined by motoring journalist Jason Dela Cruz for a bigger and better show with live tapings at Strumm’s bar in Makati every Tuesday, 5 to 8 pm.

“We are very happy that Dream FM’s head, Mari Lagdameo, has given us such a great home,” said Mike Potenciano. “We are Dream’s first talk show and also the first show taped in Strumm’s. This is quite an honor and we hope that everyone will enjoy the hard work done by all.”

Car enthusiasts and sport fans can expect a highly entertaining and very informative show where the latest cars and bikes are dissected, the upcoming events are presented, and cool gadgets are discussed for anyone’s need for speed.
Words by Ferman Lao | Photos courtesy of Isuzu Philippines Corp.
The day started early with a cracking call time at 6:30 in the morning. After receiving a call from Chairman, Isuzu's fondly named car jockey, informing me that they were on the way to pick me up, I hurriedly grabbed my gear and headed towards the agreed pick up point along Banawe Street in Quezon City. Right on the dot, they arrived in a brand-spanking new Alterra Urban Cruiser with Ardie Lopez and brother Third of Auto Extreme on board, whom they've picked up earlier. You see, tardiness shouldn't be in anyone's dictionary, and it definitely wasn't in Isuzu's. 

Having Ardie take the shotgun seat and Third beg off due to a medical emergency meant that, I would be having the back seat all of the Alterra to myself. After the cursory greetings and high fives, I toss my rucksack in and settled in the seat behind Chairman and hunkered down for what I thought would be a long ride.
Volvo Cars North America Press Release
K-PAX Racing, the 2010 World Challenge GT Manufacturers' and Drivers' champion, will return to defend its titles in 2011 with two new Volvo S60s that reflect the car's recent redesign. 
The new all-wheel-drive Volvo S60s will be introduced at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah, in late April for the fourth round of the World Challenge schedule. 
"For the first three races, we'll run the body style that took us to last year's championships," said Jim Haughey, Team Owner of K-PAX Racing. "Once fans see the new cars, I think they'll be very impressed." 
Words by Christopher Kho
With all the success and accolades attained by the all-new Volvo S60, the Scandinavian automaker is now making one of their best cars yet portable. By launching its own application for the iPhone and iPad, users can now customize and style their very own S60 from Volvo's online catalogue. And if you're ready to get up close and personal with the S60, the app can even book you a test drive and direct you to the nearest Volvo dealer by utilizing the device's built-in GPS function. What a convenience! Additional functions of Volvo's S60 app allows it to deliver the latest news and videos from Volvo.

"Many customers use mobile phones and internet tablets to search for information. Now we're simply ensuring that we are where our customers are, opening a window into the company," says David Holecek, man in charge for Volvo Cars' digital strategy.
Asiatype Group of Companies Press Release
Asiatype Group of Companies, the leading publisher of printed maps in the Philippines, introduces Vector - a portable Global Positioning System (GPS) device that allows even those with limited road knowledge to easily find their way around. It is the Philippines' most advanced, accurate and easy-to-use portable navigation device. 

Vector receives GPS signals from global navigation satellites that determine the device’s current location. Its electronic maps, route plotting, and turn-by-turn directions allow the user to input his intended destination for instructions on getting there from his current location.