Words by Christopher Kho
The Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) opens this Thursday, April 7, 2011 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City and promises to be country's biggest motoring event of the year yet again. It’s so big, in fact, that the show has even invaded Kotse.com's wallpaper for the month of April. 

Now on its 7th year, MIAS is taking a big leap into the future with its theme, “Automotive Evolution.” With more than 30 of the biggest brands littering the 23,000 square-meter display area, the show will feature some of the newest and most stunning cars in the Philippines. But before doors open in three days time, we're giving you a sneak peek of biggest attractions in this year's show. 
Words by Christopher Kho | Video courtesy of Audi of America
PGA Cars Inc., the Philippine distributor of four rings brand Audi, hold their heads up high as Audi once again sold more all-wheel drive vehicles than any other luxury brand globally. In the 30th anniversary of quattro, Audi has produced over 400,000 cars with its renowned all-wheel drive system last year alone. That makes up for around 38 percent of all vehicles sold worldwide with all-wheel drive technology.  
The quattro system was derived from Audi's hugely successful Quattro rally car which was the first ever to use four-wheel drive in competition racing. The Quattro completely changed the world of rallying since its debut in 1980 and continuously enjoyed victories in world championships up until 1986 when the monstrous Group B rally cars were banned. To commemorate its success, Audi named its four-wheel drive system “quattro” with a lower case “q” after the Quattro rally car.
The Karting Maniacs at City Kart Racing are at their antics once again with another exhilarating 4 Hour Endurance race on April 24, 2011. Form a team of 2 to 6 drivers and race against time, skill, and stamina. 
Unlike sprint races, the secret to success in endurance races is planning your race strategy, driver changes, and fuel stops before the lights turn green. Take on City Kart Racing's grueling challenge and race non-stop for 4 hours where the team who completes the most number of laps takes the top step of the podium. You can also read Kotse.com's own City Kart Racing 4 Hour Endurance Race experience with our story “Four Hours or Bust.”
Registration starts at 8:30 am. Each team will be given 20 minutes to practice on race day followed by a quick 10 minute qualifier to determine the starting grid. Then, at 9:45 am sharp, the 4 Hour Race Endurance race is go! 
240 minutes and a couple hundred laps later, the awarding ceremony will be held at 2:00 pm celebrated with a “le verre de l'amitié (friendship drink)” on top of the podium.
Situated along the ring of fire, the Philippines is a country prone to strong earthquakes. And after the recent 9.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan left its nation crippled with thousands dead and millions homeless, it is important that our country also prepare in case a natural disaster of that scale would ever come our way. Viking Cars Inc., the Philippine distributor of Volvo cars, always keeps safety as their top priority, not only for their passengers but for the community as well. Thus, to raise awareness on earthquakes, they have listed down tips to help us prepare for such natural disasters.
Petron Corporation has just come up with a clever series of quick and catchy reminders for motorists as part of its Petron EnerTripid campaign, a public information advocacy for fuel efficient driving and road safety. These fuel conservation tips have become more relevant in the light of high oil prices.

Petron EnerTripid educates motorists on how to get the most value out of their fuel with tips to help improve consumption.
Beating the red light consumes more gas. We tend to accelerate as we approach an intersection, particularly when trying to avoid getting caught at a stop light. More often than not, this effort is futile and just wastes gas.
Life is not a race. To save gas, maintain a steady pace. Even race drivers know that a smooth drive is also a fast drive. Maintaining a constant speed at the recommended speed limit is often the quickest way to get to your destination. Enjoy the drive.
The European Advanced Technik Corporation (EATC), the exclusive Philippine distributor of Liqui Moly, is flying in their best expert yet straight from the heart of Germany for a special series of service workshops that runs from March 31 to April 1, 2011, with a special Car Club Day on April 2.
Technical application engineer Steffen Niemietz is currently one of nine full-time trainers of the German brand's Technical R&D department. And in the Liqui Moly Service Workshops, Niemietz will use his years of experience in the industry to show how the use of high-quality products can positively impact service operations and ensure customer satisfaction.  
Words by Christopher Kho | Images and video courtesy of Euro NCAP
The European New Car Assessment Programme, better known as Euro NCAP, recently awarded the Mitsubishi ASX with 5 out of 5 stars for its crash test performance. The compact crossover SUV was put through collisions that simulated accidents including frontal, side, rear, and pedestrian impacts. The results were then evaluated according to the injuries sustained by adult and child passengers. Finally, the vehicle's safety features are also appraised to sum up the vehicle's overall score. 

The Mitsubishi ASX scored 86% and 78% for adult and child occupant protection, respectively, for front, side, and rear impacts. It also attained 60% for pedestrian safety and 71% for safety assist. The combination of all four tests earned the ASX a full 5-star Euro NCAP rating which should convince buyers that they and their passengers will always be safe in an ASX. Plus, it would be comforting to know that pedestrians will have a slightly better chance of making a full recovery in case they ever get run over.
2011-national-slalom-seriesAfter a successful 1st leg held at the Robinsons Nova Market parking lot last March 6, all car enthusiasts are once again invited to come and join the 2nd leg of the Race Motorsports Club National Slalom Series this Sunday, March 27, 2011 at the SM Sucat parking lot Building A. The racing action gets even hotter with a bigger track area for all competitors.

With a lot of adrenaline-packed slalom racing action in store, newbies, car clubs, and race car drivers are all invited to join and compete in Sunday's exhilarating race. As always, registration starts at 8 am and practice will begin at 11 am. Then at 11:30 am, lights turn green as the official runs gets going. For the second leg this Sunday, all participating drivers will also receive a free Shell T-shirt and cap. The Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP) will also be present during the event to issue Clubman Licenses to the participants for only P1,000. Don't miss this chance as the AAP will also waive the doctor's and membership fee.