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Words and photos by Carlo Sapera

Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC), the official distributor of Kia vehicles in the country, has unveiled its latest offering in the compact car segment. They brought in not one, not two, but three body styles: the Forte sedan, Forte 5 hatchback, and Forte Koup.


Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) come in different sizes. Bulk and size come to mind when you hear the popular acronym.

Today, the concept of SUV has evolved. Some manufacturers have derived theirs from small platforms. The Ford EcoSport is one concrete example that is currently sold in many markets worldwide and uses the Global B-car platform. This Fiesta-based SUV is actually selling well and you have to wait for some time to get one. So why is it successful?


In the old days, entry level hatchbacks are thought to have boring and tasteless amenities. Times has changed and the appreciation for hatchbacks has turned positive due to its increasing demand. Today, you’ll find many features that are commonly found on bigger and more expensive cars.

Recently, Honda Cars Philippines lent their lime green Brio 1.3 S automatic hatchback for me to sample. So, how did it fair with its Chinese, Japanese, and Korean competitors?

Photos|Text|Leslie Sy

ext front 01The all-new 2014 Mazda3 sedan was launched into the Philippine market earlier this year and it is the third generation of the car that first hit the road back in 2003. In the past ten years has it benefited from recent developments in technology as seen with our mobile phones or has it grown dull and fat around it's proverbial belly as with some cars? Will your low-tech dad love it or loathe it? Let me take you for a drive in the 2014 Mazda3 and let's find out together.

Words by: Carlo Sapera | Photos by Jeric Dy

1Sub-compacts are on the rise. With the rising oil prices, many car manufacturers nowadays have fuel sipping compacts to battle this unfortunate situation that we deal almost every week. Currently, major Japanese auto makers have spread their cards in the market. Chinese car brands are also in the game. May I now introduce you to the BYD F0 (F-zero) 1.0 MT hatchback. Could this newcomer give a good deal? Let’s find out.

Words and Photos| Leo Lim


You’ve made a name for yourself, climbed the corporate ladder or made good on your business. Saved up enough disposable income and is in the market for a little bit of luxury. Might I introduce you to Honda’s 2014 Accord.

We drive the Honda CR-Z Modulo CVT

Words and Photos by Ferman Lao

dsc04028Most people won't agree but the Honda CR-Z is the one of the most revolutionary cars on the road today; short sighted Honda fan wannabees, in particular will not agree. This car didn't happen overnight though. In fact, the CR-Z which was first introduced world wide in 2010 took 13 years to happen. Some quarters will credit the car being a product of design studies from the Honda Remix concept car introduced at the 2006 Los Angeles Auto Show or the Honda Small Hybrid Sports concept car at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show with the culmination being the CR-Z concept revealed at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. The 2007 concept car bearing the closest resemblance to the production car. All of them revolved around the premise of a small compact light weight sports car that heralded back to over 30 years ago, the Honda CR-X.

Words and Photos by Carlo Sapera

mazda 6 cover photo right qtr angleMid-size sedans are a staple in most car brands. Eleven years ago, Mazda marked its return to the country by initially bringing in the Tribute SUV and Mazda 6 mid-size. The latter targeted the Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, and Nissan Cefiro. Years before that, the 626 went head-to-head in the same segment.

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