We drive the Honda CR-Z Modulo CVT

Words and Photos by Ferman Lao

dsc04028Most people won't agree but the Honda CR-Z is the one of the most revolutionary cars on the road today; short sighted Honda fan wannabees, in particular will not agree. This car didn't happen overnight though. In fact, the CR-Z which was first introduced world wide in 2010 took 13 years to happen. Some quarters will credit the car being a product of design studies from the Honda Remix concept car introduced at the 2006 Los Angeles Auto Show or the Honda Small Hybrid Sports concept car at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show with the culmination being the CR-Z concept revealed at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. The 2007 concept car bearing the closest resemblance to the production car. All of them revolved around the premise of a small compact light weight sports car that heralded back to over 30 years ago, the Honda CR-X.

Words by Leo Lim | Photos by Christopher Kho

2013 hyundai genesis coupeSo with a smile as wide as a mile I trekked off to HARI’s office to pick up my soon to be love for the next five days. As soon as I arrived, the test unit was already parked up front and was already whispering soft nothings in my ear; profoundly, a short chat with the HARI representative seemed to be ages and I simply wanted to drive off with the Genesis.

I took in the visual sight of the body mesmerized with the lines that flowed from front to rear; the hood vents that added contrast to the front fascia. And Before I forget, it came in my favorite color, RED.