Scoring top marks the European New Car Assessment Program's (Euro ENCAP) safety tests, the three-pointed star's freshly-baked coupe is now available in the Philippines. Officially distributed by CATS Motors Inc., be sporty and safe in the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé.
With its array of safety features, this luxury coupé passed with flying colors and received an exceptional 90% on its adult occupant rating, which involves front, side, and rear impact tests. Results also show that the level of protection is not that much affected by occupant size and should keep passengers safe even at different speeds and impact severities. Adding to its high level of safety standards are Mercedes-Benz innovations such as PRE-SAFE, a system that senses when an accident is about to occur and initiate additional passenger protection, and active head restraints that provides added support during a rear impact.
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Words by Jose Carlo R. Sapera | Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz
After a four-year absence in motorsports, Double Formula One World Champion and Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) driver Mika Hakkinen is set to return behind the wheel as a guest driver for the season finale of the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup on November 13, 2011 in Zuhai, China. The Flying Finn will be driving a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3 in the six-hour race together with Mercedes Benz DTM drivers Cong Fu Cheng and Lance David Arnold. Entered by the independent squad Customer AMG Sports Team China, this will be the first time that the race-tuned SLS AMG GT3 will be racing on Chinese soil.
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Words by Christopher Kho | Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes-Benz's successful DTM challenger has lost a pair of rear doors in its chase for the 2012 title. With 84 race victories and five driver titles under its belt in the DTM's 27-year history, the C-Class AMG will finally hand over the torch to the latest 2012 DTM AMG Mercedes C-Coupé.
Mercedes GP Petronas F1 drivers Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg took time off their busy schedules to unveil the three-pointed star's newest DTM dagger at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. Based on the freshly-launched Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé, it too shares its state-of-the-art carbon fiber monocoque/steel roll cage structure with other manufacturers Audi and BMW to lower costs. The improved safety cell gives the additional protection for the driver through six energy-absorbing crash structures, which should prove handy in case of a collision.
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Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz
Before last weekend set in, American drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. was happily holding-on to his record for World’s Longest Car Drift, which he set in a stock Ford Mustang at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in December of 2008. Two and a half years later, Mauro Calo had the pleasure of snatching the title away from him in a 2011 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG at the Mercedes-Benz World in England.
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Words and photos by Christopher Kho
Shell Gas (LPG) Philippines, Inc. recently unveiled a special partnership with the three-pointed star moniker. Under the “Shellane Fleet Revolution” program, 18 Mercedes-Benz Actros Trucks were enlisted to safely transport their LPG products in line with the petroleum giant's commitment to provide its customers with safe, reliable, and high-quality products and services. This venture also reinforces Shellane's action towards road safety.  
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Words by Jade Lu | Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes-Benz celebrates the 60th birthday of its most versatile workhorse by letting the public build one of their own. To be more exact, the German automaker tied up exclusively with LEGO, the third largest toy manufacturer in the world, to design its biggest LEGO Technic kit yet, The Unimog U400. 
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