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04 August 2011

Porsche's 997-based 911 GT3 Cup makes its last stand

Words by Christopher Kho | Photos courtesy of Porsche AG
Before the current 911 model gets relegated by the up-and-coming 991 next year, Porsche is arming its 997-based 911 GT3 Cup car for a last stand in the 2012 and 2013 seasons. The latest 2012-spec 911 GT3 Cup is based on the road-going 997 GT3 RS, as it has been doing so for the past seven years. But according to Porsche, this machine is made to suit a wider range of motorsport races, expanding its reputation as one of the most popular and successful race cars to date.
Just like the 2010-spec race car, power is sourced from a 3.8-liter flat-six similar to the one used in its street-legal counterpart, producing the same 450 horsepower and also cuts-off at 8,500 rpm. And in spite of its function, the nature-loving Porsche engineers fitted its race exhaust system with a controlled catalytic converter to keep emissions in check. Fuel capacity has also been increased by 10 liters, which sums up to a full tank of 100 liters, extending its range before it ever needs to refuel.  
As a testament to its performance and reliability, over 2,200 examples of the 911 GT3 Cup has rolled-out of Stuttgart, putting it on the top of the list for customer racing teams around the world. Now on its final phase of development before being replaced by the 991, the 2012-spec 911 GT3 Cup will begin its last run into the record books when delivery begins this September. If you're thinking of getting your hands on one of these bad boys for the track, prepare to shell as much as €161,750 or P9.6 million plus tax, and note that it only comes in one color - Carrera white. Race livery not included.