11 October 2013

Racing excitement at the Toyota Vios Cup

Words & Photo by Charlie Cruz

vios cup1The TOYOTA VIOS CUP will have its maiden race tomorrow afternoon at the Clark International Speedway in Clarkfield, Pampanga. The event is open to the public and the action starts in the afternoon at the west course of the CIS, as 7 Media drivers and 5 celebrity drivers will compete in race variants of the VIOS. There are some speculation as to who will be vying for top honors as the drivers train and prepare for their race debut in the VIOS cup. Leading the time sheets unofficially is James Deakin, setting the bar at a low 1:15 seconds, followed by Jeff Reyes and Vince Pornelos. After months of preparation, screening and driver training, it all boils down to one day of fun, excitement and thrills.

 The VIOS that will be raced are lightened versions of the normal street cars, retaining the stock engines but with beefed up coil over suspensions and added safety measures such as roll cages, racing seats, a 4 point safety harness. The stock rims and tires are also replaced by lighter rims and grippier tires, The main upgrade for the race variant of the VIOS is the addition of a limited slip differential which will help the traction coming out of the corners.

There will also be support events in the speedway such as karting and bungee runs as well as off-track entertainment provided by the Oktaves and Spongecola. The VIos Cup is part of the Waku Doki festival or heart racing fun. The event promises a an adrenaline packed race as 12 drivers go wheel to wheel with each other in identical cars in an effort to make history for themselves by winning the first ever VIOS CUP.

With the rain and a possible storm looming in the distance, Toyota has announced that the event is still pushing through, which will make things more exciting for the drivers and spectators alike. The drivers are busy with last minute practice sessions and trying to get their set up right for the rain. There is an unspoken tension in the air as drivers think about the race, trying not to make mistakes or having mechanical troubles…This is the mental aspect of racing, each driver must trust his skill and try to block off any self-doubts or negative thoughts and try to focus all their thoughts on doing a clean and fast lap, finding the available grip and keeping the car on track while driving on their limit.