Words by Leslie Sy
Last January 31, 2012, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Francis N. Tolentino asked the help of five award-winning Filipino inventors to develop “robots” that can be used to help the MMDA police traffic violators the metro. The advantages of a robotic MMDA officer are quite obvious. Above being bribe-proof, it will also tirelessly do its duty all day long. But will the idea of having a “RoboMMDA” really work in the real world?
Digesting this news, visions from the movie RoboCop comes to mind, but it's not the part-man part-machine hero. Instead, it’s his adversary - the flawed artificial intelligent robot called ED-209 that pops into my head as MMDA head Tolentino's inspiration. It's either a brilliant idea or he's just too engrossed in a RoboCop rerun marathon.
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