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By now, we should all be familiar with Volvo's Pedestrian Detection system. At speeds up to 35 km/h, this kit automatically applies the brakes to avoid hitting a pedestrian ahead. We know it works because our Associate Editor Jade Lu had the unfortunate job of being a crash test dummy while filming Kotse.com's S60 “Trackster” video. Let’s just say, after three takes, she's still in one piece. But now, Volvo's got a new toy that gives a new meaning to “hit and run” with their Pedestrian Airbag Technology that comes standard in the all-new V40.
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Have a hassle-free road trip with your family this Holy Week, as Pilipinas Shell gives a few practical safety tips in preparation for your long drive. This season records one of the highest volumes of road traffic during the year, so it's important to carefully plan every detail. And to ensure that your vehicle is fit for the long drive, Shell is offering FREE vehicle check service at select Shell stations in Metro Manila and along major highways in Luzon.
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Words by Christopher Kho | Photos and video courtesy of Volvo Car Corporation
The guys at Volvo have been keeping themselves busy yet again, this time developing a system that saves lives on four legs. Based on the Pedestrian Detection's technology, this new pet project detects and automatically brakes when an animal crosses the road, sparing them from being turned into roadkill. Scheduled to be launched into the market in just a few year's time, this fancy feature is a leap closer towards the Scandinavian automaker's vision for 2020 - that nobody should suffer serious injury in a new Volvo. 
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Video courtesy of www.informatiiauto.ro
Volvo's emergency brake assist system recently topped the comparison test done by the ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V.), Europe's largest automobile club. Besting the Audi A7, Mercedes-Benz CLS, BMW 530, VW Passat, and Infiniti M37, the Volvo V60 was the only car to achieve a “very good” rating during an evaluation of each model's emergency brake assist systems performance in different collision situations. 
The ADAC tested each system in various traffic scenarios: collision with a vehicle traveling at low speed, collision with a braking vehicle, collision with a vehicle that has come to a stop, and collision with a stationary vehicle. Results show that both Volvo's City Safety and “Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake and Pedestrian Detection” systems allowed the V60 to automatically avoid the collision or decelerated it so that the impact velocity was massively reduced. With both systems receiving a “very good” rating, ADAC's testers praised the emphasis on accident avoidance in Volvo's system, which included a warning tone and LED's projected into the windscreen that alerts the driver of the imminent danger. 
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Situated along the ring of fire, the Philippines is a country prone to strong earthquakes. And after the recent 9.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Japan left its nation crippled with thousands dead and millions homeless, it is important that our country also prepare in case a natural disaster of that scale would ever come our way. Viking Cars Inc., the Philippine distributor of Volvo cars, always keeps safety as their top priority, not only for their passengers but for the community as well. Thus, to raise awareness on earthquakes, they have listed down tips to help us prepare for such natural disasters.
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Words by Christopher Kho | Images and video courtesy of Euro NCAP
The European New Car Assessment Programme, better known as Euro NCAP, recently awarded the Mitsubishi ASX with 5 out of 5 stars for its crash test performance. The compact crossover SUV was put through collisions that simulated accidents including frontal, side, rear, and pedestrian impacts. The results were then evaluated according to the injuries sustained by adult and child passengers. Finally, the vehicle's safety features are also appraised to sum up the vehicle's overall score. 

The Mitsubishi ASX scored 86% and 78% for adult and child occupant protection, respectively, for front, side, and rear impacts. It also attained 60% for pedestrian safety and 71% for safety assist. The combination of all four tests earned the ASX a full 5-star Euro NCAP rating which should convince buyers that they and their passengers will always be safe in an ASX. Plus, it would be comforting to know that pedestrians will have a slightly better chance of making a full recovery in case they ever get run over.
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