Honda Cars Philippines Inc. Press Release
This love month, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) promotes love for the environment to help keep blue skies for the children. HCPI recently invited students from the Ateneo Medical and Loyola Schools as part of its non-stop awareness campaign for fuel economy. The activity dubbed as the Honda Challenge Cup, was a fuel efficiency driving competition that imparted both realistic and economical driving techniques among participants. As the next generation of motorists, Honda taught these young students the correct way of driving to optimize fuel mileage.
To put these driving tips into practical use under real-world conditions, Honda provided its clean, green driving machines - the City, Jazz, Civic ,and Accord for the use of the participants. Students were then challenged to consume the least amount of gasoline under city and highway driving conditions, while using their normal driving style and with a running air conditioning system.  
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