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honda formula1
Soichiro Honda was once quoted saying: “If Honda does not race, there is no Honda.” And one of their biggest undertaking was Formula 1.
It started as early as the 60's where they enjoyed success as a full-fledged team. They then returned in the 80's as an engine supplier for McLaren and won the driver's and constructor's championship from '88 to '92 with Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. Honda even had a short stint as a constructor a few years ago, until the company pulled the plug in 2008 due to limited success.
Sadly, Honda's motorsports program has been dormant for the past few years, which made us wonder wether Honda has lost their way. Well, I'm glad to let everyone know that their dry spell is almost over. That's because Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has just announced their return to the FIA Formula 1 World Championship from the 2015 season onwards as an engine supplier for McLaren once again.
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crz frontquartertop
At last, Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) is really to bring the CR-Z here. Deliveries, however, are not expected to arrive until August. So what they're doing to help pre-sell their new two-door hybrid sports coupe is to take it on a road tour. The CR-Z will make a total of nine stops across Honda dealerships in Metro Manila. But do care to note that they'll display the CR-Z Mugen Concept previewed at the Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) last year, not the latest 2013-spec CR-Z that's on sale.
Available in six variants, HCPI began pre-selling the CR-Z last April 26, 2013 on a “first come, first serve” delivery basis. That means, if you put in your reservation on the 1st week of May, you're assured to be one of the first few to get a brand-new CR-Z by August.
The Honda CR-Z Mugen Concept will make these nine stops in Metro Manila:
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Words by Ferman Lao | Photos courtesy of Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd.
conceptc main
While the rest of the world still moon over cars that debuted at the Bangkok and Manila International Auto Show, two cars caught our eye which could indicate that Honda thinks the future lies in China. The Honda Concept C and Concept S were unveiled at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. Yes, we're bringing this news to you a year late because back then, we didn't think much of the two concepts. It's only now that we realize that these could be the next generation Civic and Jazz.
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civic 7thgen
Well this is unfortunate. After Mitsubishi issued a recall for the all-new Mirage last Friday, this time, it's Honda's turn to send out a recall of their own. Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) just annouced a voluntary safety recall of 2001 to 2002 Civics (7th generation) and 2002 CR-Vs (2nd generation) because of a faulty front passenger airbag. This campaign affects 9,743 units locally and over 1.1 million vehicles worldwide.
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Words by Jade Lu | Photos by Hans Gerald Chua
coty9 main
Last Saturday, January 26, 2013, was the final day of the qualitative testing for the 2012 - 2013 Car of the Year Philippines (COTY-P). It was a day for big brutes once again, as Hyundai sent the Santa Fe R-2.2 GLS 6AT 2WD and Premium 4WD, which were matched by Toyota’s Fortuner 4x2 G DSL AT and Hilux 4x2 G MT and Mazda’s CX-5 and BT-50. The Honda CR-V made its reprise with the 2.0 S and 2.4 SX variant, this time made in Thailand with local specs (Honda sent the Japan-made CR-V last time).
It was the fitting ending for this chapter. The cars weren’t too exciting to leave us done and fulfilled at the end of the day; they were mellowed down to leave us wanting more. Of course, “more” would come to us during the technical testing at the Clark International Speedway on February 25 to 27, when the cars will once again converge for the acceleration, braking, and handling tests. But until that comes, we were satisfied enough with the cars we’ve driven to keep us at ease until the end of February. Hopefully, the sky will stay clear of rain clouds and strong winds until then.
With that last hurrah, here are some final words from our writers about the cars of Day 9:
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Wednesday, 23 January 2013 10:46

Veer into the individual: Honda GEAR Concept

Words by Jade Lu | Photos courtesy of Honda Canada Inc.
gear frontquarter
Falling into the ‘smaller’ trend, Honda follows suit after the Chevy Spark, Hyundai Eon, and Mitsubishi Mirage. At the 2013 Montreal International Motor Show, Honda Canada unveiled their concept unit for the chic, young, next generation urbanite - the GEAR Concept Study Model.
Honda doesn’t really say anything about the GEAR, just this statement from Honda R&D Americas Design Director, Dave Marek: "Subcompact cars are usually either utilitarian, but uninspiring or they're fun, zippy cars that are impractical and too expensive for the Gen-Y buyer, GEAR Concept tears down those walls - it's practical but fun, customizable, connected and affordable. Everything that young, discerning urban buyers would want in a car."
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recall pilot
Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) today issued a voluntary recall which affects some 171 units of the Honda Pilot and Odyssey sold in the Philippines from June 2012 to January 2013. This is part of a campaign that involves 836,176 Pilots and Odyssesys worldwide which were manufactured in the USA. The issue addressed by this bulletin comes from a potential inappropriate installation of driver-side front airbag rivets.
“Findings show that there are possibly some rivets which secure the driver’s front airbag cover and bracket that were inappropriately installed. As a result, the deployment characteristics of the affected airbags may change upon collision and driver protection performance may decrease,” read HCPI's official statement. Thankfully, no crashes or injuries have been reported related to this issue.
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Words by Ferman Lao | Photos courtesy of American Honda Motor Co. Inc.
suvconcept main
Well, whaddya know? Honda is now the latest victim of what we'd like to call the “Goldilocks syndrome.” Not too big and not too small, they've created a compact crossover that fits the bill just right, and it's something they'd simply like to call the “Urban SUV Concept.”
Making its world debut at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, this small SUV is based on Honda's well-received and strong selling Global Compact Series platform, from which both the Jazz and City are derived. Their philosophy behind the Urban SUV Concept is that it will be their next wave of smart, fuel-efficient, and fun to drive vehicles - traits that Hondas of today are already well known for. Still, Honda feels it's the answer for a new wave of road users with “active lifestyles” (Are they hinting that we're starting to get a bit too sedentary?).
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Words by Hans Gerald Chua | Photos courtesy of Honda Motor Co. Ltd. 
hondaidtec main
In its commitment in preserving the environment, Honda unveils its newest 1.6L i-DTEC diesel engine. Designed from the ground up, the new block promises high performance, better fuel efficiency, and lower emissions. The Europeans should be feeling pretty lucky, as this new diesel engine will be resting under the hood of the Euro Civic come 2013, followed by the CR-V in the near future. While there are no hints that it will come our way anytime soon, it's still worth knowing what makes this new power block so good.
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Words by Niky Tamayo | Photos by Ken Tamayo 
Fans of the brand and the car in the Philippines have been clamoring for the Odyssey for decades. Well, it’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. Strangely, this isn’t the Odyssey any of us pictured coming in. Don’t be fooled by the Japanese logo, this one’s an American mini-van through and through. Designed, built, and sold in America. While this American focus has reaped it great sales and accolades in the US, the concept and execution are radically different from the Odyssey’s Asian market competitors. Well, if you can’t have a market segment all to yourself, sometimes it pays to make your own.
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