Words by Jade Lu
For many of us, traveling 900 kilometers means cost and multiple fuel pit stops; but for Ford Philippines, it spells “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.” The Department of Energy (DOE) recently witnessed a fuel economy run of the all-new Focus, which spanned a total of 945 kilometers between Manila and Pangasinan and presented above satisfactory results.
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Words by Christopher Kho 
Who would have thought that a three-ton pick-up truck can actually get better mileage than a fun and frugal subcompact hatchback? Yes, that's right. In a recent fuel economy run supervised by the Department of Energy (DOE), the all-new Ford Ranger clocked up 1,623 kilometers on a single tank of fuel that averages an incredible 19.44 km/L. That's 0.44 km/L better than what the Ford Fiesta did in an similar run last year.
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Words by Niky Tamayo
Though it’s something many of us in the auto industry knew was coming, it’s still saddening to hear that Ford Philippines will be closing down the Ford Motor Company Philippines (FMCP) plant at the end of the year, as they close down operations with the rollout of the last Ford Escape, and perhaps the last Ford, to be produced in the Philippines.
This is not to say that Ford is leaving the Philippines completely. Ford Group Philippines is staying. The Ford dealership network is staying. Ford sales are better than ever. But in a tough, competitive global economy, production streamlining means everything, and despite endless deliberations and discussions on how to continue on in the Philippines, Ford is pulling the plug on its historic plant, simply because it no longer makes financial sense to build in the Philippines.
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dsfl_trainingFord Philippines is going one step further on its commitment to reduce the number of road fatalities and injuries by enhancing its Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) campaign. Now on its fifth year, DSFL is bringing their instructors to world-class standards by rolling out the Train-the-Trainer (TTT) program - an exercise where instructors from participating countries are sharpened by top caliber instructors from around the world. And with these newly-trained world-class instructors, Ford is hoping that the DSFL program will be able to produce world-class drivers as well.
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fiestarun_fiesta1A month ago, Ford Group Philippines (FGP) went out on a mission to push the all-new Fiesta to its fuel feeding limits. Under the watchful eye of the Department of Energy (DOE), a fleet of Ford Fiestas set out on a 700 km fuel economy run to finally set the record straight and surprised by logging in an impressive 19 km/L run. But in the never ending quest for fuel economy, a special group of Fiesta fanatics was summoned to take up the challenge and do one better. 
At the crack of dawn, six 1.6L automatic Ford Fiesta's rolled out from Ford Balintawak to make the long journey to Ilocos Norte all vying for the most fuel-efficient drive. Driven by five media teams representing different automotive magazines, newspapers, TV programs, and websites with a select bunch from the Ford Club Philippines (FCP), all six Fiesta's adhered to strict factory specifications and were checked by duly designated and authorized Ford Service personnel. And just like in the first DOE run, security seal stickers were placed on the fuel lid, engine compartment, and aircon switches, which was set at level “1” for the entire duration of the drive.
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Words and photos by Christopher Kho
For the past six years, Ford Group Philippines (FGP) has been on the road pitching its Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) campaign in schools, colleges, and private corporations. To date, the program has successfully trained more than 20,000 participants on the importance of road safety. As part of its first batch of students, I've attended well over a dozen of DSFL's classroom lessons and practically memorized each page of its presentation like the back of my hand. But no matter how repetitive it may sound, I always learn something new and make it a point to listen as a personal reminder to my responsibility as a road user.
Road safety is a subject matter that should never be taken lightly. Last year alone, the Metro Manila Accident Reporting and Analysis System (MMARAS) reported 18,810 traffic accidents, 7,670 of which involved fatality or injury. And in an occupation that mainly involves driving, we might just put ourselves and others at risk whenever we go on the road. That's why Ford took the initiative to host a special DSFL seminar just for us motoring media last week at the Ortigas Home Depot in Pasig City. The half-day course included a one-hour lecture on safe, smart, and fuel-efficient driving habits followed by a hands-on training on parallel parking and eco-driving using the Ford Fiesta and Focus.
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Words by Christopher Kho
Since its launch a year ago, Ford has badged its fun-loving little Fiesta with the words “fuel efficient.” But with no official numbers to back-up the claim, we couldn't quite put our finger on how “fuel efficient” this small car really is. Now, as it celebrates is 1st birthday in the Philippines, the blue oval brand finally gets to put its foot where its mouth is. 
In a recent fuel economy run supervised by the Department of Energy (DOE), four of Ford's Fiesta's set out to prove just how fuel-frugal they can be. The challenge was to take a 700-kilometer expedition from Balintawak to Vigan and back on a single tank of gas. With the DOE keeping a watchful eye, all four Fiesta's were inspected, and its hoods, lift gates, and fuel gates were officially sealed before setting off. 
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Ford Group Philippines Press Release
Ford Group Philippines (FGP) kicks-off its comprehensive and UN-recognized road safety initiatives under the company’s global Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) campaign this month. The program is part of Ford’s ongoing commitment to promote and improve driver safety in the Philippines. Ford is planning a series of day camps and seminars throughout the year and aims to have 2,000 licensed drivers participate in the DSFL program. Training will focus on safe, smart and fuel efficient driving skills as well as providing handy tips on vehicle maintenance
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Ford's all-new Fiesta just got hitched with the Awesome crew of 99.5RT. Functioning as the DJ's official ride for upcoming events and campus tours, the Fiesta hatchback struts in style around the busy streets of Metro Manila foiled in a special 99.5RT livery. Just like one of the country’s leading radio networks, all-the new Ford Fiesta has shot its way to the top of the highly competitive small car segment with its hip features, making it a perfect match for 99.5RT that brings cutting edge music on the radio waves each day.
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As the frequent drizzles, showers, and downpours turn our city streets into streams, we don't need PAGASA to tell us that the rainy season has arrived. Though the rain may bring in cooler weather, it also increases the risk of road accidents due to poor visibility and slippery roads. That's why the Ford Service team has whipped up these important Road Safety tips to help you navigate through wet roads and reach your destination safely. 
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