Words by Hans Gerald Chua | Photos courtesy of Honda Motor Co. Ltd. 
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In its commitment in preserving the environment, Honda unveils its newest 1.6L i-DTEC diesel engine. Designed from the ground up, the new block promises high performance, better fuel efficiency, and lower emissions. The Europeans should be feeling pretty lucky, as this new diesel engine will be resting under the hood of the Euro Civic come 2013, followed by the CR-V in the near future. While there are no hints that it will come our way anytime soon, it's still worth knowing what makes this new power block so good.
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Words by Christopher Kho
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It goes without saying that diesels are dirty (at least here in the Philippines, anyway). And yes, I'm referring to both the fuel and the engine. Okay, there are some newer cars out there that run on cleaner and newer diesel technology, but in reality, most of the ones that ply our roads don't. Our government, or more specifically the Climate Change Commission (CCC), actually has plans to rehabilitate some 500,000 PUVs that will reduce soot emissions by up to 80%, but that project will cost us P26 billion. So what if I tell you there's a way to get the same result without spending an extra penny? That's right, the answer is cleaner diesel fuel, and it's called EURODiesel IV from Unioil.
While the Department of Environment and Natural Resources's (DENR) mandate to use Euro IV fuel is still three years away, all Unioil stations nationwide now carry EURODiesel IV - the cleanest and most advanced diesel fuel in the country.
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Words by Niky Tamayo | Photos by Christopher Kho
Perhaps one of the most unusual displays at the 4th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) is the Ape three-wheeler. It’s aptly named, as there is something monkey-ish about the thing. A product of Piaggio, the Ape was designed in Italy specifically for the Indian market. Being a Piaggio product, it obviously shares some architecture with the famed scooter line that spawned the Vespa, with a scooter front end mated to a robust swing axle rear. It’s available in a variety of forms, from dropside to closed van to auto-rickshaw. While most people wouldn’t get up in a blather over a motorcycle-based three-wheel delivery vehicle, given the ready availability of local and Chinese conversions, the APE has something these two-stroke wonders don’t: A diesel engine.
Maybe it’s not the most appealing of cars, with its cramped cabin and scooter-based controls. Rear swing axles won’t inspire confidence, either, for anyone familiar with old VW Beetles. But this is not a sports car. It’s a low speed urban delivery vehicle built specifically for business. And it costs less than a Segway.
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