Scoring top marks the European New Car Assessment Program's (Euro ENCAP) safety tests, the three-pointed star's freshly-baked coupe is now available in the Philippines. Officially distributed by CATS Motors Inc., be sporty and safe in the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé.
With its array of safety features, this luxury coupé passed with flying colors and received an exceptional 90% on its adult occupant rating, which involves front, side, and rear impact tests. Results also show that the level of protection is not that much affected by occupant size and should keep passengers safe even at different speeds and impact severities. Adding to its high level of safety standards are Mercedes-Benz innovations such as PRE-SAFE, a system that senses when an accident is about to occur and initiate additional passenger protection, and active head restraints that provides added support during a rear impact.
AVT is brining out the explorer within us this Christmas as they offer the Navigator PN-403 for just P7,000.  And to make it even lighter on your pockets, you just charge it to our BDO, BPI, HSBC, MetroBank, RCBC, or Security Bank credit car at 0% interest for 3, 6 or 12-months installment. Catch this special yuletide season promo from December 1, 2011 until January 31, 2012 at participating dealers and shops nationwide.
The portable 4-inch widescreen AVT Navigator PN-403 is preloaded with an iNav Philippine map that features voice direction, lane junction assist, 3D junction view, and 3D building landmarks. iNav's map contains over 300,000 points of interest and house numbers that can be conveniently accessed through its smart keyword search function. It can even detect and alert you when it picks up a speed radar or speed camera location.
Words by Christopher Kho | Photos courtesy of Traxxas
The XO-1 is the latest all-electric supercar to come out of Traxxas. With blistering performance figures such as a 0 to 100 km/h time of just 2.3 seconds and a top speed of 180 km/h (100 mph), it packs quite a punch right out of the box. That's right; the Traxxas XO-1 is packaged as the world-fastest ready-to-race radio-controlled car. Priced at just over US $1,000, it will surely be on the top of everyone's Christmas wish list.
At just over half a meter in length, this 1:7 scale supercar is powered by a 25.2 volt Mamba Monster Extreme speed controller and a Traxxas Big Block brushless motor to propel it to supercar speeds. They also employed a robust shaft-driven AWD system to put all that muscle to the ground. But besides raw power, aerodynamics too plays a huge role to hit the 180 km/h mark. So to keep the XO-1 glued to the pavement, it's equipped with a streamline body, high-downforce front splitter, smooth undertray, and rear diffuser. Still, keeping a car this size in control at such high speeds is no easy feat and that's where the all-new Traxxas TQi radio system comes in.
michelin_exm2Michelin's latest passenger car tire, the Energy XM2 (EXM2), finally reached the Philippines. Thanks to the French manufacturer's advanced technology, the EXM2 achieves a longer tire life without compromising performance and delivers improved fuel savings and safety attributes in all road conditions. It's intended to suit a wide range of vehicles, from small cars to the largest sedans, and is purpose-designed for motorists who want to drive responsibly and safety. 
Increased Mileage
The Michelin Energy XM2 should last 20% longer than the XM1, which means less frequent tire replacements and more savings. It achieves this through features such as Alternating Bridging Technology and Sipes with Alternating Bridge, which in layman’s terms means it simply reduces the flexibility of the tire's tread block, thus reducing the rate of wear.
fiestarun_fiesta1A month ago, Ford Group Philippines (FGP) went out on a mission to push the all-new Fiesta to its fuel feeding limits. Under the watchful eye of the Department of Energy (DOE), a fleet of Ford Fiestas set out on a 700 km fuel economy run to finally set the record straight and surprised by logging in an impressive 19 km/L run. But in the never ending quest for fuel economy, a special group of Fiesta fanatics was summoned to take up the challenge and do one better. 
At the crack of dawn, six 1.6L automatic Ford Fiesta's rolled out from Ford Balintawak to make the long journey to Ilocos Norte all vying for the most fuel-efficient drive. Driven by five media teams representing different automotive magazines, newspapers, TV programs, and websites with a select bunch from the Ford Club Philippines (FCP), all six Fiesta's adhered to strict factory specifications and were checked by duly designated and authorized Ford Service personnel. And just like in the first DOE run, security seal stickers were placed on the fuel lid, engine compartment, and aircon switches, which was set at level “1” for the entire duration of the drive.
Words by Jade Lu | Photos courtesy of Automobili Lamborghini Holding S.p.A. 
If you should browse into the Lamborghini online boutique, you would probably notice a good number of items in the grayscale spectrum; but for its Fall-Winter 2011 collection, Collezione Automobili Lamborghini released a special kind of gray we’d recognize in most places but apparel.
We’ve seen it on cars; we’ve seen it on bicycles; now we’re seeing it on bags. That’s right. Lamborghini has recently released its new line of bags using raw un-stiffened carbon fiber. The diagonal gray pattern we’ve been familiar of has started to invade fashion territory. Talk about being an haute atelier, Collezione Automobili Lamborghini had taken the challenge on using this industrial material in a new way, the first of its kind. Not surprisingly, these products are made especially by hand.
Goodyear Philippines rolls out their latest set of rubbers that, according to them, “offer precise and responsive handling, style, and performance on the street.” The newly-launched Eagle F1 Direction 5 with SportGrip Technology is specifically built for driving enthusiasts who need that extra grip for their aftermarket-tuned sports cars, coupes, and performance cars that belongs to the Ultra High Performance (UHP) segment. Not only that, its sleek directional tread pattern earns extra style points for customized rides when fitted with matching alloy rims.
Goodyear's Eagle F1 Directional 5 excels in steering response and cornering power, providing precise handling and outstanding grip performance on various surfaces and conditions. Its directional tread design also offers maximized water dispersion for superior performance even on wet roads. Moreover, the SportGrip Technology limits tire deformation under heavy cornering thanks to a combination of a solid center line rib, continuous shoulder rib, and race-inspired rubber compound.
The Chevrolet Spark is a small car with big ambitions. After it's big break in the Transformers franchise, this dinky little Autobot knew it had a knack for acting. So starting August 14, 2011, the Spark will once again take its position before the camera as it takes the lead-role in the Philippines' first-ever “Kotse-serye.” 
Tune-in to Studio 23 this Sunday at 5pm, and join Chevrolet Philippines as it airs the hippest and coolest show on TV - “Sparkada Trip.” Follow Alex, Nora, George, Ina, and Joy take a road trip and explore adventures with the All-New Chevy Spark.
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