Words by Leslie Sy 
If one was to ask any motorist to comment about the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), one of the things they'll probably air out is their complaint against MMDA personnel - be it for simple misconduct or other more serious things.  Adding to this grievance is the lack of an official venue to send the complaints, so that it can be heard and acted upon by the “higher-ups” in the MMDA chain of authority.  
Well, our cries have finally been answered with the launch of MetroSolusyon.mmda.gov.ph - MMDA's proper venue for motorists to voice complaints (and maybe even a few praises or suggestions) towards the government agency and its personnel.
Words by Christopher Kho 
Just like taxes and physical exams, renewing your car's insurance coverage is just one of those chores you have to do on a yearly basis. But isn’t it such a hassle? Well, what if I tell you that you can now have your car insured online? That's right. Standard Insurance, one of the biggest non-life insurance companies in the Philippines, just launched their new site www.standardinsuranceonline.com so you can insure your car in just a few simple clicks at your own convenience.
To avail of this service, all you have to do is provide the required vehicle details such as year, make and model, plate number, and so on. They'll also ask some standard set of questions about the driver and how the car is used to assess the risk of it getting into an accident. Keep in mind that you'll have to answer these questions as honestly as possible, because it will affect the premium (trust me, we've tried). Upon getting the quotation, simply pay online with a credit card and your car is immediately insured. But for those who can't afford the full price outright, paying through installment basis is now in the works.
Suzuki Service Manager Rommel Cabanela noticed that some of their customers weren't returning for dealer checkups because their service warranty has expired. But that doesn't mean that they should no longer experience car care the Suzuki way. So, to entice Suzuki owners to keep their cars in tip top shape, Suzuki Philippines launched the “Suzuki @ Work” - a free after-sales service camp.
Words by Jade Lu  | Photos courtesy of Igor Maminta and Collective Ego
Philippine roads (or lack thereof) aren’t exactly a popular feature among many - locals and foreigners alike. The trek along the bumpy urban jungle and the vicious rural terrains have earned themselves quite notorious reputations, but all that is about to change. Land Rover Philippines (LRPhils) has teamed up with the Department of Tourism (DOT) and Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) in an effort to boost Philippine tourism.
Don't be too surprised when you see a bright pink Ford Fiesta roaming the streets of the metro anytime soon. No, it's not driven by a Barbie or Hello Kitty fanatic; rather, it’s Avon's latest crusader against breast cancer
Ford Philippines recently partnered with Avon for its 2012 Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer (KGBC) campaign that helps promote breast cancer awareness. Ford will showcase a one-of-a-kind pink-wrapped all-new Ford Fiesta Sport Plus hatchback, which will be used as the official vehicle for KGBC event called “Let's Walk the Talk.”
Words by Niky Tamayo | Photos by Christopher Kho
Perhaps one of the most unusual displays at the 4th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) is the Ape three-wheeler. It’s aptly named, as there is something monkey-ish about the thing. A product of Piaggio, the Ape was designed in Italy specifically for the Indian market. Being a Piaggio product, it obviously shares some architecture with the famed scooter line that spawned the Vespa, with a scooter front end mated to a robust swing axle rear. It’s available in a variety of forms, from dropside to closed van to auto-rickshaw. While most people wouldn’t get up in a blather over a motorcycle-based three-wheel delivery vehicle, given the ready availability of local and Chinese conversions, the APE has something these two-stroke wonders don’t: A diesel engine.
Maybe it’s not the most appealing of cars, with its cramped cabin and scooter-based controls. Rear swing axles won’t inspire confidence, either, for anyone familiar with old VW Beetles. But this is not a sports car. It’s a low speed urban delivery vehicle built specifically for business. And it costs less than a Segway.
Words by Christopher Kho 
Who would have thought that a three-ton pick-up truck can actually get better mileage than a fun and frugal subcompact hatchback? Yes, that's right. In a recent fuel economy run supervised by the Department of Energy (DOE), the all-new Ford Ranger clocked up 1,623 kilometers on a single tank of fuel that averages an incredible 19.44 km/L. That's 0.44 km/L better than what the Ford Fiesta did in an similar run last year.
Words by Niky Tamayo | Video courtesy of Toyota UK
“Can you feel it? Can you feel the thrill of being alive?”
Brad Pitt or Britney Spears spots aside, car commercials aren’t usually big news, but this one is making waves. Toyota UK commissioned music video director Adam Berg to create a spot to spearhead their “Real Deal” marketing campaign and the result is fantastic. It’s about a man who’s tired of his artificial world of pixels, pretense, and driver assists. A world where “feeling” is a capital offense. 
What follows is a combination of “The Matrix”, “Max Payne,” and “The Truman Show”, made in a gritty film noir style. The only complaint is that it's just 90 seconds - about two hours too short, but it does get the point across. Toyota doesn’t make dull, pixelated, pretentious cars, anymore. It makes Toyota GT-86s. And they’re available in red, mind you, not beige and gray. Of course, you don’t have to go to a seedy underground shop to buy one (apparently with a big bag of drug money), you can buy them at your regular Toyota dealership. Or you could if they weren’t sold out.
Oh well, the commercial’s pretty nice.
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