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22 August 2012

Bosch's Top 6 Tips to rain-proof your car for the rainy season

The rainy season has definitely arrived, and once again, every driver faces the threat of floods, rain so strong that reduces visibility to zero, and the dangers of slippery wet roads. With safety being everyone's top priority, do you know that proper car maintenance can possibly be the difference between life and death? Taking the time to keep your car in tip top shape can minimize the chance of getting stuck on the road, or worse, ending up in a vehicular accident. That's why Bosch has prepared a simple 6-Point Checklist to keep in mind before braving a rainy day.
Check Your Brakes
Wet brakes can significantly reduce braking capacity and increase braking distance. Regular check-up and maintenance is necessary for the brakes to continue functioning properly. Bosch also recommends to double your distance to the car in front to give drivers enough time to stop safely. Floodwaters mix with oil and grease build-up on the road, making the road slippery, so brake earlier and with less force.  
Replace wiper blades regularly
Rain significantly reduces visibility through the car's windshield. So it's advisable to change wiper blades once a year to maintain its effectivity to push away rainwater. Some indications that it's due for a replacement could be streaking or chattering noise, likely because it has lost elasticity. Bosch wiper blades are guaranteed to last longer and perform more efficiently due to innovations in the wiper material and aerodynamic design to give drivers the widest and clearest field of vision despite strong downpours.
Check your lights
Headlights, tail lights, turn signals, and brake lights not only indicate where you're going, but also where you are in poor visibility. Check that your lights are functional on a daily basis and have your headlights aligned. Bosch car lamps have been engineered to ensure the highest levels of luminous intensity and luminous efficiency for the darkest of days. 
Use quality spark plugs
Spark plugs are essential to an engine's reliability and performance, so use only quality spark plugs and replace them regularly. Bosch is the world’s trusted name in spark plugs and ensures that engines perform optimally even during rainy weather.
Use quality air and oil filters
Driving through flooded streets can damage a car’s air and oil filters. Dirty or clogged filters causes inefficient combustion of fuel, while contaminated engine oil can affect performance and durability. Bosch air filters clean even the smallest particles out of the air, and Bosch oil filters have greater capacity to hold more dirt and screen out more harmful contaminants than a conventional filter.
Life-saving technologies from Bosch
Safety features such as Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) can prevent up to 80% of all skidding accidents. ABS allows the car to turn even in panic brake solutions, while ESP detects the onset of skidding and counteracts this by reducing engine power and individually brakes the wheels. Both invented by Bosch, modern cars now have these features as standard equipment that can help save lives, especially in slippery wet conditions. 
Following these safety measures may not only reduce the possibility of road accidents, but also guarantee a more cost-effective maintenance and promotion of responsible driving. By making cars safe for use during the rainy season, one not only ensures the roadworthiness of the vehicle, but also the security of the driver and other motorists on the road.
Take a trip to any of the 25 accredited Bosch car service workshops nationwide and experience a more personal and convenient service when rain-proofing.