02 June 2012

3M shares its Top 8 Anti-Aging Car Care Tips

While time travel has yet to be invented, 3M is sharing its secrets on how you can turn back the hands of time and keep your car looking like new. By investing just a few hours of your time each week, with a little elbow grease, and help from 3M's Car Care products, you should be able to rub on a couple more thousand Pesos on your car's value. Give your car the love it deserves with a good detailing job for the paint, tires, windshield, engine, and interior. 
Here are 3M's Top 8 Anti-Aging Car Care Tips:

Give it a good bath | With 3M Car Care Auto Shampoo, wash your car and remove dirt and grime without stripping its wax protection. Then, dry it using 3M's Super Absorbent Car Wipe to protect its surface from scratches.

Clean wheels and tire | Remove brake dust and road grime with the 3M Wheel & Tire cleaner.

Restore surfaces to a brand new finish | Spray on and wipe off 3M Tire Restorer on black plastic bumpers, door handles, and tires for a deep black luster.
Remove surface scratches | Reduce swirl marks using 3M Swirl Mark Remover, or 3M Scratch Remover for deeper scratches.
Wax on a protective coat | Keep your car's finish looking good with a coat of 3M Performance Finish Synthetic Wax. This innovative wax lasts up to 15 to 20 washes, is simple to apply, and doesn't haze. Just wipe on and wipe off in minutes with 3M Microfiber Detail Cloth.
Clean the glass inside and out | Wipe on 3M Glass cleaner on glass, plastic, chrome, metal, and painted surfaces. Plus, it has a unique vertical cling that prevents it from dripping.
Protect upholstery | Revive the natural sheen and soft feel of seats and surfaces using 3M Leather and Vinyl Restorer. 
Quick detail or touch up exterior surfaces | Spray on wax for an entire vehicle in just a few minutes with 3M Quick Wax. It can be applied wet after washing or dry using a 3M Microfiber Detail Cloth.
Shed years off your car with these simple Do-It-Yourself (DIY) maintenance projects and 3M Car Care Products. 3M Car Care Products are available at Ace Hardware, True Value, Blade, and Handyman stores.  
For more information on 3M and 3M Car Care products, visit www.3M.com and www.3Mcarcare.com.