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08 May 2012

Jenson Button mixes Johnnie Walker's Signature Blend for McLaren F1 team

For a modern-day Formula 1 driver, the strict physical requirements of their occupation pretty much strikes alcohol out from their diet. But for 2009 World Champion Jenson Button, not only was he able to taste the best Scotch whisky Johnnie Walker had to offer, he was also given the chance to create a rare and unique blend just for the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team.
During his trip to Shanghai for the Chinese Grand Prix last month, Button visited the Johnnie Walker House to create the John Walker & Sons Signature Blend - Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Edition. Nick Morgan, Diageo’s Head of Whisky Outreach and blending expert, guided Button through the secrets behind Johnnie Walker’s unique  flavors and scents such as vanilla, citrus, honey, pepper, and smoky peat. The flavors and scents Button personally selected will then be used as a foundation for Johnnie Walker's Master Blender, Jim Beveridge, to skillfully create the limited edition whisky. Beveridge will concoct this unique blend back in Scotland, selecting only from the most prestigious spirits from the world's largest whisky reserve.
During his visit, Button also learned of Johnnie Walker’s brand heritage, the skilled whisky-blending process, distillation, and Scotch blending craftsmanship.
John Walker & Sons Signature Blend - Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Editionis a tribute to Johnnie Walker's successful eight-year partnership with the championship-winning team from Surrey. Only 20 bottles of this unique blend will ever be produced and will be priced at a whopping GBP 30,000 per bottle (or about P2.05 million). Of course, any Richie Rich who buys one will be entitled to a bespoke Johnnie Walker Step Inside the Circuit experience, enjoying hospitality and behind the scenes access to an exhilarating Formula 1 experience at a race city of their choice. And to commemorate Button and the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team's achievements, Button will get to take home one of the limited edition bottles, but I don't think he'll be drinking it anytime soon.