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16 April 2012

Valvoline NextGen: Saving the world one oil change at a time

Words and photos by Christopher Kho 
Every 5,000 km or so, the cars we drive requires an engine oil change. What comes out of your vehicle is a dark gooey fluid that no where near resembles the clear golden motor oil poured in a few thousand kilometers ago. But have you ever given thought to what happens to dirty used oil? While most if it ends up as waste, Valvoline Philippines is out to save the world one oil change at a time with NextGen, a premium motor oil that's made with 50% recycled oil. Thinking green, even its neon green bottle is made out of recycled materials.
Motor oil is made up of 85% base oil and 15% additive, but most of us didn't know that only the additive component wears out, and the base oil doesn't. With Valvoline's latest technology, used oil can be cleaned, re-refined, and recycled to formulate new oil that's just as good as before, making us one step less dependent on crude oil. 
Quite interestingly, Valvoline discovered that recycling used oil actually requires less energy, reduces crude oil demand, and produces fewer pollutants. Although, it's not as simple as it sounds. You see, they can't just recycle any used oil. They have to painstakingly collect used oil from all of its Valvoline Service Centers around the US and ship it to its production facilities. But the benefits outweigh the drawback, so much so that they now have plans of shifting their entire motor oil line up to recycled oil. 
Environmental Advantages:
48% reduction in use of fossil fuels during the oil refining process
40% reduction in harmful and acidic emissions
20% reduction in global warming impact 
“We, at Valvoline are increasingly concerned about the environmental situations that we experience. Thus, we felt that now is the time for us to contribute to the preservation and protection of the environment, which is why we are determined to search for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact. Our long history and proven track record of innovation and leadership puts us in the perfect position to introduce a new game-changing motor oil in the industry,” says Valvoline Philippines Country Manager, Virgilio Mariano.
Out of all the countries in Asia, the Philippines will be the first to experience NextGen's advantages. And while it’s still making its way to service stations nationwide, it will be initially available for gasoline engines in 10W40 viscosity and said to be priced similarly to the equivalent oil grade. 
Valvoline's NextGen is a premium mineral oil, made with 50% recycled oil, but with 100% guaranteed Valvoline protection.