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02 April 2012

Shell's safety tips and FREE vehicle check service for your Holy Week road trip

Have a hassle-free road trip with your family this Holy Week, as Pilipinas Shell gives a few practical safety tips in preparation for your long drive. This season records one of the highest volumes of road traffic during the year, so it's important to carefully plan every detail. And to ensure that your vehicle is fit for the long drive, Shell is offering FREE vehicle check service at select Shell stations in Metro Manila and along major highways in Luzon.
Shell Holy Week safety tips:
Establish a “Journey Plan” before your trip | A Journey Plan is an essential tool for any trip and takes into consideration elements such as distance, route, possible rest stops, road and weather conditions. Assign a passenger as your travel buddy and share your Journey Plan with them. 
Avoid anything that takes your hands, eyes, or attention away from driving | Multi-tasking behind the wheel, such as use of mobile phones, is a deadly predicament for the driver, his passengers, and others on the road as it could cause accidents. Do not use your mobile phone and other gadgets while driving. 
Avoid driver fatigue | A driver suffering from fatigue is unable to function at a normal level of alertness and efficiency. Symptoms include mood changes, constant yawning and stretching, heavy eyes, lack of concentration, and erratic speed variations. Deal with driver fatigue in three simple steps: (1) STOP, Pull over at a safe location, (2) REVIVE/REFRESH, Take a 15-20 minute nap or have a cup of coffee as a short-term solution, and (3) SURVIVE, Continue driving only until you reach a place where you can get proper sleep. 
Get your ride ready for the road | Ensure that your ride is in best shape and road ready by checking vehicle condition and equipment before venturing on the long drive. And to let you have a worry-free road trip, Shell is offering FREE ready-for-travel vehicle check services from March 26 to April 8, 2012. 
Available at the Shell Helix Service Center (SHSC) and Shell Helix Oil Change + (SHOC+) offer, customers can get brochures on safety driving tips, driver fatigue risk management, vehicle and equipment checklist, and various products and services. Just visit any Shell station to gas up and avail of the FREE safety check to ensure that your car is road ready for the Holy Week.
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