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18 January 2012

Gran Turismo 5's v2.03 update goes online to keep things fresh

Words by Niky Tamayo | Photos courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Despite a troubled launch, Gran Turismo 5 still remains one of the best-selling console racing games out today. But fans of the series have expressed their disappointment over its unfinished nature. Although the game shipped with over 1,000 cars and 26 track locations, many of the cars are merely direct, low-resolution ports from older games in the series, whereas there is always room for new tracks.
The game's developer, Polyphony Digital, however has been working hard to close the perception gap with constant gameplay and graphics updates and a number of downloadable cars, tracks, and paints. The latest update v2.03 helps clean up certain aspects of the game, such as tire issues in remote racing and fuel consumption for electric cars, and is downloadable starting January 17, 2012.
While most racing game players aren't entirely enthralled with electric cars, the newest update comes hand-in-hand with the latest downloadable content pack, which includes a 30 kilometer test loop and several cars, including the much-awaited Lamborghini Aventador and the Mini Cooper S Countryman.
Having driven the Countryman in real life, we can say that it certainly is worthy of addition to the Gran Turismo franchise, while the Aventador makes the download pack worth buying simply to get a chance to pretend you have one.
If anything else, this pack should prove interesting to Beetle afficionados, as it allows you to drive the classic 66' Beetle (formerly only available in low-resolution "Standard mode") in glorious high definition for the very first time.
GT5 v2.03 is a free update for all current GT5 owners. "Car Pack 3" and the "Speed Test Course Pack" are available for purchase online at the Playstation Store.
- New 'Speed Test Pack' DLC
The Speed Test Pack DLC will add a Speed Test feature to Gran Turismo 5 and will be released for sale on the PlayStation®Store from January 17th, 2012. The price of the DLC will be $3.99. 
The new Special Stage Route X Oval track is also included in this pack as a special stage for performing the tests. Measure the performance of your favorite cars with a variety of test features. When this DLC is purchased, the Special Stage Route X Oval will become available to use in the Arcade Mode, Practice, and in Online races. For details, please follow the link below.

- New 'Car Pack 3' DLC
The latest Car Pack 3 DLC will add more new cars to Gran Turismo 5, and will be released for sale on the PlayStation®Store from January 17th, 2012. The price of the DLC will be $5.99.
Featuring cars from both past and present, it includes Lamborghini's latest flagship model Aventador, Jaguar XJR-9 LM Racecar, Aston Martin V12 Vantage, 66' Volkswagen 1200, Mini Cooper S Countryman, and Nissan Leaf. For details, please follow the link below.

[Other Improvements]
- 12 new My Home theme colors and 12 new wallpapers for [GT Mode] have been added to the game. Please find these from the [My Home Settings]-[My Home Design] menu on the left side of the screen.
- Tire wear speed prediction has been added to the pit stop decisions in B-Spec, to prevent tires from wearing out completely during long races.
- Regenerative braking (which recovers energy by converting kinetic energy into electricity) in electric cars have been made stronger to extend driving distance.
- Electric cars will now also creep forward (as in standard automatic cars) when the brake is released without pressing the accelerator.
- Regarding the Chaparral 2J race car's performance points, the increased performance factor due to the downforce produced by the fan is now calculated.
[Correction of Known Issues]
- A issue has been corrected where the car would pit in unintentionally during the last lap of a B spec race.