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15 November 2011

Mika Hakkinen joins the pact with Johnnie Walker in Manila

Because you'll probably end up drunk if you get to know Johnnie a bit too well, Johnnie Walker created the Join the Pact campaign to remind you of the importance of responsible drinking. And for that reason, two-time Formula 1 World Champion Mika Hakkinen paid a recent visit to the Philippines so you can join him in the pledge to “Never Drink and Drive.”
Although the strict health requirements of modern Formula 1 drivers prohibit them from drinking, Hakkinen's duty, along with Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, is to serve as role models. The Johnnie Walker Responsible Drinking Ambassador was joined by Makati City Mayor Hon. Jejomar “Jun-Jun” Binay Jr.; Representative Irwin Tieng, a principal author of the Anti-Drunk Driving Bill; and MMDA Traffic Discipline Head Yves Gonzales in signing their names as a pledge to this advocacy. This doesn't mean that you can have the Flying Finn as your own and personal designated driver, or anyone listed above for that matter, but for you to start taking responsibility for your own actions by joining the Pact.
“Join the Pact dives deeply into a relevant key social issue that cuts across whatever city, country or part of the world you may be and I am delighted to continue my role as the Johnnie Walker Responsible Drinking Ambassador with this recent visit to the Philippines,” said Mika Hakkinen. 
“In its simplest form, responsible drinking means that people need to be accountable for their own safety and that of those around them. Part of this means not drinking alcohol if you are planning to drive or appointing a friend to be the designated driver. It may sound simple, but unfortunately there are still people who are not aware of the dangers of drinking and driving,” he added. 
Responsible drinking is pledge upheld not only by individuals, but by local governance as well. In light of this, Binay expressed his commitment in promoting the advocacy in the City of Makati
“Recognizing the similar aims of Join the Pact and of the City of Makati, I assure everyone of our full support for the campaign against drunk driving. We hope that this campaign can help raise public awareness about the hazards of irresponsible drinking and drive home the message that “Winners never drink and drive” until it finally becomes deeply ingrained into the consciousness of every individual,” remarked Binay. 
Since its inception in 2008, Join the Pact has gathered over a million signatures and has visited over 30 countries including those in Europe, North America, Latin America, and most recently, Asia. Join and sign the pact to never drink and drive today at