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19 July 2011

Honda gives the Philippines' Fuel Economy Team a boost

In its relentless drive to keep skies blue, Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) partnered with Shell in the search for the Philippines’ Fuel Economy Team. Powered by Honda's Civic 1.8 liter models, Shell's fuel economy boot camp turned the country's biggest fuel spenders into fuel-saving advocates to represent the Philippines in the Shell Eco-Marathon in Sepang, Malaysia. The top 10 finalists underwent a whole day of rigorous training at the Honda Safety Driving Center in Parañaque City where they learned how to park their gas-guzzling habits. 
After the points were summed up from the written exam, practical driving challenge, and interview screening during the booth camp, Vanessa Santos, Mel Endonzo, Adrian Law, and Patrick Villareal came out on top without wasting a single drop of fuel.  
Admittedly, Vanessa needed help to bringing down her gasoline expenses. As a resident of Baguio, she frequently drives to Laguna and Isabela - costing her as much as P10,000 of fuel per month. When asked which among the fuel saving tips shared during the exercise she considered to be very useful, she replied, “I learned the value of accelerating with care. In order to save on gas, you must anticipate the traffic condition, maintain moderate speed and avoid sudden braking and rapid acceleration.“   
The Honda Civic has been recognized internationally for its excellent driving performance. In its heart resides an i-VTEC engine that is capable of delivering exceptional fuel efficiency without taking the fun out in driving. And just like other Hondas, the Civic is EURO 4 compliant making it cleaner than the EURO 2 level mandated by Philippine law. 
Since 1996, Honda has been actively promoting fuel economy awareness through the Honda Challenge Cup. As part of its environment conservation advocacy, the Honda Challenge Cup is a fuel efficiency driving competition that teaches realistic and economical driving techniques. Through the years, Honda has reached out to students, fleet accounts, government agencies, and non-government organizations to share the basic fuel economy formula:  VEHICLE + DRIVER + FUEL = FUEL ECONOMY
“Come high or low fuel prices, Honda has taken proactive measures in calling on everyone to get the most out of fuel, DRIVE EVERY DROP and reduce emissions as part of its longtime commitment to leave blue skies for our children,” said Mr. Voltaire Gonzales, Vehicle Sales and Corporate Communications Head of HCPI. 
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