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13 July 2011

Shell's new fuel-saving recipe makes it on the menu this Friday

Words and photos by Christopher Kho
We can't stop fuel prices from going up, up, and away, but Shell reckons that their newest fuel recipe is the answer to our pump gas problems. Beginning July 15, 2011, Shell FuelSave Unleaded and FuelSave Diesel will find its way to Shell stations in Luzon, making it Shell's most advanced fuel economy formula in the Philippines. Designed to improve fuel efficiency from the very first tank fill, Shell is confident enough to stand by their statement that FuelSave Unleaded and Diesel will help drivers “Save up to 1 liter per tank.“
John Lambert, Shell's very own Fuels Technology Senior Scientist, even came down to the Philippines to talk about FuelSave's secret ingredient - the “Efficiency Improver.” As blunt as the name can get, this key element simply tells it like it is. By going back to basics, the engineers at Shell pinpointed that much of an engine's power is lost to friction. And no matter how fancy and darn expensive your oil is, there are just some places it can't reach. That's where the Efficiency Improver comes in. Shell's innovative fuel-saving elixir works by lubricating parts of the engine that oil couldn't, especially on top of the pistons, reducing friction's power-robbing property and thus increasing fuel efficiency. On top of that, FuelSave is also formulated to keep inlet valves clean, producing a more efficient combustion for diesels as it ignites and burns more effectively. 
For those who noticed the suspicious-looking asterisk beside the “Save up to 1 liter per tank” slogan, even if you factor in road conditions and different driving styles, savings of as much as 1 liter per tank of 50 liters from the first fill is still pretty hard to beat. And because Shell's new FuelSave formula isn't going to increase prices at the pumps, this might just be the best fuel-saving accessory your car can have starting this Friday. 
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