23 October 2015

Volvo XC60: Engineered for maximum enjoyment

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Easy Ownership Packages tailor-made just for you.

The Volvo XC60 has been carefully designed to deliver maximum enjoyment on any road, in any weather. With a winning combination of exquisite Scandinavian modern design, class-leading technology and superb performance, it is made more accessible with an exclusive Ownership Package designed to give you more financial flexibility.

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At home, everywhere.
Designed for demanding drivers, the XC60 is the perfect car for those in search of adventure – either in town or beyond city limits. Equipped with capable engines from the Drive-E family, the XC60 has a commanding driving position supported by generous ground clearance and the class-leading chassis. It is designed to feel every bit as nimble and agile as a standard height road car.

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Corner Traction Control also comes as standard. This torque vectoring system helps the driver avoid understeer by applying just the right amount of brake force to the inner wheels while powering the outer wheels when accelerating out of a corner.

A range of petrol and diesel engines with Auto Engine Start/Stop and 8-speed Geartronic Transmission, are locally available to suit the driver’s preference. The T5 and D4 models are equipped with Volvo’s Drive-E technology, which gives drivers the performance of a large displacement engine with the fuel economy of a small displacement engine.

• The 2.0L Drive-E T5 turbocharged petrol engine produces 254hp and 350Nm of torque.
• The 2.0L Drive-E D4 turbocharged diesel engine produces 181hp and 400Nm of torque

Fantastic form and function
The design team has increased the new XC60's road presence by emphasizing its horizontal lines, which visually connects the car directly to the road. The car comes with a fully color-coordinated body with headlamps that look very focused and determined while the horizontal lines on the grille with its chrome bars emphasize the car's width.

Each feature in the XC60 has been thoughtfully crafted to make every experience feel superior, allowing you full control as you personalize the in-car environment according to how you feel.

Intuitive technologies such as Sensus keeps you connected to the world around you. The Adaptive Digital Display uses an active TFT (Thin Film Transistor) crystal display to bring the driver personalized information. The Digital Display theme colors are also echoed in the connected infotainment system Sensus Connect. It features a user interface with a number of innovative functions offering customers a fully connected experience.

IntelliSafe: Safety that thinks for you
IntelliSafe, Volvo's blanket name for all active safety systems, is an important part of the driver-centric approach in the XC60.

The Active High Beam Control eliminates the need to switch between low and high beam. Instead, Active High Beam Control makes it possible keep the headlights on high beam continuously. When another car approaches from the opposite direction, the system helps to prevent dazzling of the oncoming driver by shading out only as much of the beam as necessary. The same benefit applies to drivers in preceding cars. Another innovative option for driving in the dark is the low-speed Cornering Light feature. As an extension of the current Active Bending Light system, it lights up the area the driver is steering towards for safer maneuvering.

The XC60 features a City Safety system that is active at speeds up to 50 km/h. The car automatically brakes if the driver fails to react in time when the vehicle in front slows down or stops - or if the car is approaching a stationary vehicle too fast. New advanced software, including more rapid vision processing, made it possible to extend Volvo Cars' detection and auto brake technology to cover certain cyclist and pedestrian situations as well.

Available for both the turbocharged diesel and petrol engines, the Volvo XC60 has been made easier to own with the 50% downpayment at 0% interest for 36 months Ownership Package. This attractive package also comes with FREE insurance for one year.

Every facet of the XC60 is made to make everyday driving more enjoyable. The driving experience has been simplified with details and features that allow you to go wherever the road takes you. Know more about the Volvo XC60 and how it can be easily yours through www.volvocars.ph.