24 August 2015



August 11, 2015, Metro Manila Philippines

*The number one automotive
brand in the country rewrites history by registering *10,678 units in a single month last July*. Coming from its last sales record in May with 10,511 units, Toyota proves once again that it can go even further by
beating its own monthly sales performance just after 2 months. This is the first time any local car manufacturer has achieved such sales volume. Toyota’s sales grew with the continuous high demand for all its models. More specifically, its best-selling vehicle in the country, the *Vios, *the Filipino favourite, *Innova* and its mini hatchback, *Wigo *registered their respective record sales performance to date.

The *3rd generation Vios* which was launched just 2 years ago remains a steadfast choice in the Philippine market. Last July, the best-selling car in the country recorded *3,102 units*, the very first model to achieve such number in a single month. The *Innova* on the other hand, marks *1,653 units* displaying that it still is the MPV to beat in its segment. The *Wigo* also continues to prove its edge against its competitors in the
segment by tallying *1,189 units* – its highest figure since it was first introduced last 2014. On a year to date basis, Toyota lists a growth of *17%* versus the first 7 months of last year with accumulated sales of *68,395
as of July 2015*.

In a statement, *Toyota Motor Philippines’ (TMP) President Mr. Michinobu Sugata* expressed… “On behalf of the whole Toyota family, we would like to extend our sincerest appreciation to our customers for constantly making our brand the preferred choice. We are pleased by the unwavering support as seen in our most recent sales milestone in July. This is indeed a good way to celebrate our 27th anniversary this month in the country.”

He also added, “Achieving another 10,000 unit sales level is already an accomplishment in itself. However, going the extra mile and recording our highest tally yet at 10, 678 in a single month is a proof of how customers continue to enjoy the exceptional Toyota ownership experience. This has always been fastened by the Toyota Sure Advantage (TSA) wherein all customers can be assured that each Toyota vehicle is ingrained with traits of Great Value, Quality, Durability & Reliability and Pioneering Technologies that all make up for a Fulfilling Ownership. Truly, as we move forward -- *we see each accomplishment as another motivation for our Team to constantly find ways in serving you, our customers and partners even