10 July 2015

Porsche Asia Pacific gears up for new programme Porsche Media Driving Academy

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Singapore. Porsche Asia Pacific recently announced the launch of the Porsche Media Driving Academy, a new, exclusive annual driving programme for journalists in the region.

The Porsche Media Driving Academy is designed to demonstrate the maximum performance of Porsche cars through different courses of active driving with emphasis on Porsches roots in motorsports. It offers journalists the unique opportunity to experience the performance and sportiness of Porsche models.

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The structure of the annual programme consists of three performance courses Individual, Professional and Elite. In each course, Porsche certified instructors impart knowledge and share driving tips tailored for each level that are pertinent to discovering the performance of Porsche cars.

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Through the carefully curated active driving programme, the Porsche Media Driving Academy offers journalists the right amount of attention and guidance that heighten the understanding and specific characteristics of the Porsche vehicle concept and core technologies. In addition, the pure driving excitement on track, the racy engine sound and the extremely sporty characteristics guarantee for goose bumps. The first Porsche Media Driving Academy took place last month and received highly positive response and we are looking forward to welcome more members next year”, shared Martin Limpert, Managing Director of Porsche Asia Pacific.

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Porsche Media Driving Academy The Experience

The two-day Porsche Media Driving Academy will commence with exciting and informative activities that range from sharing of the Porsche brand heritage and product knowledge to insights on nutrition guides and fitness regimens tailored for sport-oriented driving.

At the race track, participating journalists will be engaged in a driving programme tailored to their level of expertise. They will have the opportunity to discover and push their own driving capabilities with the help of experienced instructors, providing them with first-hand experiences of Porsche’s motorsports DNA that is embedded in every Porsche car.

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Porsche Media Driving Academy Courses

The Individual course focuses on the fundamentals of vehicle control, including the slalom, braking, drag race and cornering exercises. Led by certified Porsche instructors, the course will provide in-sights into the basic laws of physics relating to driving and handling as well as an introduction of various Porsche electronic driving aids for the use on and off the race track.

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Certified Porsche instructors will be guiding journalists on the approaches needed to tackle bends accurately. The Professional course also focuses on appealing modules where journalists are able to complete full laps of the circuit. Besides the useful brake and lane change exercise, instructors will also be integrating more advanced exercises such as curved slalom, as well as complex cornering.

Focusing on journalists who are accomplished drivers, the Elite course is devised to support independent sport-oriented driving. Through the use of high-performance Porsche cars, journalists will be able to gain insights and experience the full performance of the cars via trail braking, controlled over-steering and driving on the track.
To view and share the driving excitement that can be expected of Porsche Media Driving Academy, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifn7Mfu51IE (video) and https://preciouscomms.box.com/s/lxa9cg6dxydeh4q3s0ru8wi8nbjk8m6d (photos).

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