10 July 2015

SafeSat GPS System provides real time monitoring


Track and locate individual vehicles or an entire fleet in real time.  Send notifications for over speeding.  Monitor fuel level.  Generate reports on fuel consumption and idle time.  Provide data on distance travelled.  The SafeSat GPS System can do all these and more with a SatBox and a Mobile Tracker that enable you to better manage and monitor both your fleet and personnel.

SafeSat screen shot

The SafeSat SatBox is a fully bundled telematics device that allows you to monitor fuel consumption, the navigation route, and the location of the vehicle in real time. All these can boost productivity by ensuring that deliveries are right on schedule and arrive on time at designated destinations.

The SafeSat SatBox can also provide information on vehicle wellness and driver characteristics which can translate to savings and safety through the proper and efficient use of the vehicle and responsible driving. It can detect and report instances of revving and excessive idle, harsh breaking, harsh acceleration, over speeding, fuel theft, and route deviation.

The SafeSat Mobile Tracker is an application installed in GPS-enabled smartphones, either Android or iOS. It allows you to track your personnel or vehicle individually or in group using your mobile phone. It also informs you about the route taken by your vehicle or personnel. In addition, it allows you to view logged events of selected vehicles or personnel.

The different kinds of reports generated by the SafeSat GPS System can further provide valuable information.

For instance, it allows you to generate events based on the set time and date, determining in every logged event the location, speed, coordinates, and battery and signal level of the device of a selected personnel, personnel group, vehicle, or vehicle group. This is called the Event Details Report.

Also available is the Fuel Consumption Report that gives you information on the total fuel consumed by all vehicles. The Idle Time Report provides information on idle time of a specific vehicle. Over Speeding Report shows any incident of over speeding that occurred. Other tracking reports include the Geo Zone Report and Zone Visitation Report which are both based on fences that you have set-up and identified.

With its innovative technological features, SafeSat helps generate cost-savings and promotes road safety.

The SafeSat GPS System is a product of the Satellite GPS Tracking and Asset Management System Corporation, a local-based corporation that offers Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking and Monitoring solutions for businesses, individuals and families, and government agencies.

For more information on SafeSat, contact the toll free hotline 1800-10-SAFESAT (7233728), (033) 321-3391 or 0917-6222-449. You may also email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit satellite.com.ph.