07 June 2015

The 2015 Porsche World Roadshow

Boxster Slalom 13

Words and Photo by Leslie Sy

I am going to drive Porsches.  That fact has not yet set into my mind until I was standing in front of a long row of Porsches of all types and colors.  All ready to go. Parked on the side of Clark International Speedway.  The sky was slightly cloudy, otherwise a perfect day for driving.  Just then I knew it was going to be one of those “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences.


Boxster Slalom 01


The first Porsche World Roadshow in the Philippines took place in 2006 and again in 2012, both held at Clark.  For those times, I could only listen to my older brother telling me stories of his experience in the first Porsche World Roadshow and at the same time making me really jealous of his time behind the wheel of a Porsche. I could only dream to have my own opportunity just to drive one Porsche around the racetrack.  Fast forward years later, I could hardly believe I am sending my confirmation to PGA Cars for my attendance for this year's roadshow.

Boxster Slalom 02

Here is a little background on this event. The Porsche World Roadshow is a professional event held around the world and organized by Porsche AG from Germany, led by five professional instructors from Porsche AG and experienced management team of PGA Cars. All participants are given the opportunity to experience the sensation of driving Porsche as well as the performance and safety of the car through the specially designed sessions such as handling, braking, slalom, and road tour.

Boxster Slalom 03

This year, Porsche Philippines practically brought in every model they have to be driven.  The Boxster (a mid-engined two-seater roadster first introduced in 1996), the Cayman (a rear mid-engined, rear wheel drive 2-seat sports car first launched in 2006), the Cayenne (a mid-sized luxury cross-over introduced in 2002), the Panamera (a luxury four-door sedan, front engined with rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive variants), and the recently launched Macan (a luxury compact cross-over utility vehicle available in both petrol and diesel).  And to finish the list, the iconic and ageless Porsche 911 (two door 2+2 high performance sports car first launched in 1963 with current model as the model 991). The 911 was well represented by the Carrera, Targa and Cabrio models.  Also present at event are a couple 911 GT3 cars.

Boxster Slalom 04

The roadshow was split into different activities which were slalom, handling 1, road-tour and handling 2.  Before heading to the cars, we were given a familiarization orientation by the Porsche instructors including strict instructions to do not deactivate the PSM (Porsche Stability Management).  The PSM is a standard feature that keeps the vehicle stable and on the road.  With this feature, even the most novice of drivers among us was able to keep the car facing in the right direction and out of trouble.  Other features highlighted were the “Sport” and “Sport+” buttons which changed the suspension settings and throttle response of the car and other buttons which changed the exhaust sound and even raised and lowered the ride height of the vehicle.

Boxster Slalom 05


The slalom course was a deceptively simple task of driving around some road cones in a Porsche Boxster. First, our instructor Nico, demonstrated how it should be done with me in the passenger seat to get a feel of it. The closest thing I can think to describe my 20 second ride with Nico was like riding in a roller coaster. During my two slalom runs, I learned that the best way to go fast was to properly control the throttle. I also learned how easy and precise it is to control the Boxster as I was able to virtually hug the car around the cones.

Boxster Slalom 06

Handling 1 and 2

The handling course was basically a lap around the Clark race track in each of the preselected Porsche vehicles. In my group's case, we had the sports cars in the morning and the SUVs with the luxury sedans in the afternoon. The list of Porsche sports cars were something enough to make any motorhead's mouth water, cars such as the Cayman GTS and a mix of 911s including the Carrera S, Targa S, and 911 Turbo. There were a couple of GT3 on display, but unfortunately they weren't part of the test cars. Maybe next time.

Boxster Slalom 07

The afternoon list of vehicles didn't disappoint at all even after the morning's overdose of sports cars. A mix of Cayannes, Panameras and Macans made up our rides in around the track.  If you are expecting a slower drive around the track, you are totally mistaken because I could swear these vehicles went around the race track just as quick as any of the 911s.  In fact, the car I enjoyed the best around the track was the Porsche Panamera Turbo S.  It might be a huge sedan but you can drive it just as quickly as any of the 911s.

Boxster Slalom 08

Road Tour

The road tour portion was a leisurely drive around the roads of Clark outside the race track area. This part demonstrates on how such a car that can literally burn rubber at the track can be a very civilized car to drive everyday on the road. We had a mix of Cayannes, Macans, Panameras and a Boxster GTS. With our instructor Nico in the lead car, we had a leasurely drive, touring around the nearby entertainment, industrial and commercial developments inside Clark. It was during this portion where I decided the best seat in our vehicles was to be found at the rear seats of the Panamera, you can really stretch out and relax. Just remember to tell manong driver to set the suspension to comfort mode.

Boxster Slalom 09

At the end of a day of high performance driving, I was still on my adrenalin high and I was wishing the day could be a bit longer. Alas, we had to wrap up the day and took the opportunity of grab some last minute photos of the cars and the people who made the event possible. For someone like me, this is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Nothing comes close to the Porsche World Roadshow experience.

Boxster Slalom 10

Boxster Slalom 11

Boxster Slalom 12

Macan exterior 01

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Porsche shuttle bus

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