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05 April 2011

A-1 Driving school makes learning safe and smart with the Ford Fiesta

A-1 Driving Co. Inc., the country's premier driving school, has just chosen the Ford Fiesta as part of their driving school fleet. With support from Ford Philippines, the school advocates safe and smart driving in the Philippines through the Fiesta's class-leading safety features. A1 Driving has been an advocate for road discipline and safety since 1977 and now has 100 branches nationwide. 

The Fiesta brings world-class safety in a small package. Beneath its stylish exterior is a robust structure constructed from high-strength Boron steel, crafted to enhance driver and passenger safety. It increases structural rigidity without sacrificing weight, thus helping the Fiesta achieve a high fuel efficiency. The Fiesta is also well-equipped with safety features such as driver and passenger side airbags, ABS (double-circuit four-wheel anti-braking), and EBD (electronic brake distribution), that collectively enhances the active safety of the car.
“Our aim at A-1 Driving is to make our roads safer by educating Filipinos, especially our young drivers on road safety and discipline with our Quality Training we Commit, Safety of the Road you Meet program,” said Aljun Garcia, Assistant Vice President of A-1 Driving Co., Inc. “Ford Fiesta getting a big nod on safety makes it a natural vehicle of choice for us at A-1.”

“We are fully supportive of A-1 Driving School’s philosophy of providing the right driving education from the beginning. The Ford Fiesta is exactly the right place to start learning how to drive - it is fun to drive, has best-in-class safety features, and it looks fantastic,” says Steven Tan, FGP Vice President for Sales and Marketing.

Smart and Safe Driving 
A safe and smart driver is equipped with the right vehicle for his needs and the proper driving techniques. Through the Driving Skills for Life program, Ford offers practical training tips to help increase awareness of safe driving techniques that also help improve fuel efficiency.
fiestaa1_02Here are DSFL’s Top 10 Tips:
Drive Safely
Tip 1. Use safety / restraining belts at all times
Tip 2. Adjust rear and side-view mirrors for clear sight
Tip 3. Drive relaxed and anticipate traffic situations
Tip 4. Avoid distractions, including mobile phone use
Tip 5. Maintain a safe distances between other vehicles

Drive Economically
Tip 6. Change gears to drive at low engine speed (rpm)
Tip 7. Use the vehicle’s momentum to reduce fuel use
Tip 8. Switch off the engine whenever sensible
Tip 9. Check and adjust tire pressures regularly
Tip 10. Remove unnecessary weight, such as roof racks, rear racks, etc.