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27 March 2011

Petron EnerTripid promotes fuel savings and road safety

Petron Corporation has just come up with a clever series of quick and catchy reminders for motorists as part of its Petron EnerTripid campaign, a public information advocacy for fuel efficient driving and road safety. These fuel conservation tips have become more relevant in the light of high oil prices.

Petron EnerTripid educates motorists on how to get the most value out of their fuel with tips to help improve consumption.
Beating the red light consumes more gas. We tend to accelerate as we approach an intersection, particularly when trying to avoid getting caught at a stop light. More often than not, this effort is futile and just wastes gas.
Life is not a race. To save gas, maintain a steady pace. Even race drivers know that a smooth drive is also a fast drive. Maintaining a constant speed at the recommended speed limit is often the quickest way to get to your destination. Enjoy the drive.
Don’t go heavy on the pedal. To save gas, step lightly on the pedal. A heavy foot on the accelerator is not only a gas-guzzler, it can also produce an uncomfortable, jerky ride with short bursts of speed and constant braking. Save yourself and your passengers from a high-stress ride, keep your foot light on the pedal.
The longer you stay in low gear, the more gas you spend. Shift up to save gas. Be a mindful driver and take note of your engine rpm. Shift up at the earliest possible time, not only to save gas but also to keep your engine running at the most efficient gear.
Maintain the recommended tire pressure. Studies have shown that under-inflated tires result in higher gas consumption. Make sure to have your tire pressure checked each time you gas up.
Plan ahead and combine several trips into one. Each time you start your car from a cold start consumes more fuel. Instead of running several short trips, try to schedule all your errands into one longer trip to save gas.
Give your car a regular tune-up saves gas. Follow your vehicle’s recommended service maintenance schedule to keep it in tip-top shape. A well-tuned vehicle is more fuel-efficient than a run-down one.
The Petron EnerTripid campaign is a fuel conservation advocacy in cooperation with the Department of Energy containing different energy saving tips.