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07 August 2013

Toyota Showcases Concept Cars; Discounts Galore at The World of Toyota

Words by Carl Trocio

Photos courtesy of Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation

2013 world of toyotaThis August, the country’s number one automotive brand, dangles a carrot in front of their fans, current and potential, by bringing in two concept cars to the country. The aim of this is to give the consumers a glimpse of the things to come. This little peep show will happen on August 10 to 18 at The World of Toyota Motorshow to be held at the World Trade Center , Pasay City. Fresh off the Boat will be Toyota’s FCV-R and Lexus’ LF-LC, prime example of the company’s new direction in design philosophy, technology of cars in the future as well as the company’s preference of abbreviations.

First dish submitted for your scrutiny is Toyota’s Fuel-Cell Vehicle Reality and Revolution (FCV-R)… make sense? The abbreviated names never do. Possibly making its way from the drawing board to full on production this 2015, this mid-sized family sedan runs of hydrogen and does not emit fossilized dinosaur fumes or CO2 but only, get this… water vapor. Sort of like an athlete fueled only by love and not carbohydrates then passes out rainbows instead of gas.

In a nutshell, the FCV-R is the fruit of the company’s drive to provide breakthrough innovation with ergonomic practicality and futuristic styling.

toyota fcvDominant styling cues for this is front and back “W” theme. This signifies the fuel cell cooling system and not the company’s fascination for small eyed catfish.

Moving on to the “richer” side of town, Lexus features their Future-Luxury Coupe (LF-LC), if you couldn’t figure out it this is a concept car from the name..... This eye candy of a specimen had seen its first light of day at the North American International Auto Show held in Detroit Michigan early this year.

lexus lf-lcOutside, the car sports the brands signature spindle-shaped grill. While on the inside, the LF-LC packs the latest advanced technology with an organic natural design to create a driver-focused synergy of form and function.

All this will be powered by the Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive up sitting up front and delivers high efficiency, great power and great responsibility (it usually follows) to the rear wheels. You heard it, it’s a front engine rear wheel drive drive train layout… oh happy days!

As Toyota marks their 25 years in the country, showcasing the FCV-R and LF-LC presents to the consumers a glimpse of the company’s future offerings in Toyota’s design language and technology on their upcoming vehicles.

For the car fans and buyers regardless of make, the full product line-up of Toyota will be displayed with a sneak preview of upcoming models. Car enthusiasts will likewise be amazed as Toyota will be showcasing over 30 classic cars that have shaped the local automotive industry for more than 4 decades.

Toyota’s luxury line Lexus will also be under the spot light at the motor show.  Its full line-up will be on display headed by its super car, the Lexus LFA as well as its concept luxury coupe. Looks like Toyota's upped their game and commitment to bring more fun and excitement in its vehicles.

As if the pie wasn't sweet enough, Special offers will also be made available for new vehicle purchase during the 9 day period.  Save as much as P100,000 by reserving or trading-in! How can you refuse a great deal like that. Perhaps, it's time to trade in the old clunker in the garage. The next new Toyota owners at the shin-dig will likewise be eligible to win additional P100,000 discount as Toyota will be raffling 25 winners at the end of the event.

This opportunity to see the future and luck rarely happens… unless you’re Marty McFly.

For more information on the World of the Toyota Motor Show, visit their website at or like their page on Facebook (Toyota Motor Philippines.) You may also call the CAC Hotline at (02) 819 2912 for other concerns.