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13 March 2011

The XKR-S gets sexy in Jaguar's new video

Words by Jade Lu | Photos and video courtesy of Jaguar Cars Limited
Jaguar has come out strong at the 2011 Geneva Auto Show with their release of the 2012 XKR-S. As an overhaul of the award-winning XK, new super buff is Jaguar’s most agile production sports car yet.
Featuring a highly efficient supercharged AJ-V8 Gen III R direct-injection engine, the XKR-S has a maximum speed of 300 km/h and only takes 4.2 seconds to go from 0 to 100 kph. It is currently Jaguar’s fastest and most powerful series production sports car. Of course, the XK underwent heavy modifications in order to achieve what it has become. Complimenting a strong engine is the XKR-S’ slimmer and more aerodynamic body - a product of extensive research and study in the aspect of Computational Fluid Dynamics. 
Certainly, style is not the main priority of all that development study, for what are good looks without great performance? “The styling of this car isn't about image, it's about true performance,” said Ian Callum, Design Director for Jaguar Cars. “Like other iconic Jaguars before it, the styling has been driven by geometry and aerodynamics for genuine design purity. The physics required to achieve 300 km/h have led the aesthetic.” The XKR-S stays true to the principle of ‘form following function.' The physics required brought about a new front bumper and some lean lines. 
In line with its more assertive look, the XKR-S is fitted with a re-worked suspension system, Jaguar's High Performance Braking System as a standard, wider lightweight 20 inch Vulcan alloy wheels and Pirelli P-Zero tires for better grip, a revamped Dynamic Stability Control System, and an Active Differential Control system to reduce steering sensitivity at high speeds. Does all this sound a bit too technical? Just watch the XKR-S video to see all the elements at play.
As the pioneer in using aluminum in series production cars, Jaguar has once again employed the lightweight metal to achieve overall sleekness. Less weight means less fuel consumption as well. In fact, the XKR-S is the only car in its class to give off less than 300g of CO2 per kilometer. 
This not-so-little kitty comes in five colors including the colors Italian Racing Red and French Racing Blue that bring to mind Jaguar’s competition legacy. The XKR-S is priced at £97,000 (roughly P5.8 million before taxes) and will be available in the market by September 2011. 
Notice the license plate at the 0:15 mark? It just about describes all that this car is: VVV. What might that stand for? Va-Va-Vroom.