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14 May 2013

Volvo PH issues special plates for brand new Volvos

volvo conductionsticker
It was only a month ago when the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) began implementing a new number coding scheme for brand new vehicles. Memorandum Circular No. 06 entitled “Guidelines in the implementation of the UVVRP for new vehicles without license plates but with conduction stickers” required new car owners, specifically those who have yet to be issued plates by the LTO, to prominent display the conduction sticker number “on spaces allotted for regular license plates in front and at the rear of the vehicle.”
The problem was, the MMDA simply wanted car owners to copy the conduction sticker number on a piece of card board and place it on the plate number holder. So unless you've got serious art skills, chances are, your home made temporary plate will look like a preschooler's art project and so will your brand new ride.
Luckily, new Volvo owners won't have to go through this trouble. That's because Volvo Philippines is providing them with specially-made conduction plates until the LTO issues them license plates.
“Volvo has always been into thoughtful details that make life less complicated for the people who drive our cars,” remarked Loi De Guzman, Asst. Vice President for Marketing Services. “Instead of them using print-outs or hand-written conduction numbers taped to their brand plates, we made proper, water-repellent plates that won’t easily fall off.”
Not only are the customized plates from Volvo durable enough to last at least a few seasons, but they look good too. And no matter how inexpensive or simple they are to make, this simple gesture from Volvo Philippines shows just how much they care for their customers.