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30 April 2013

MMDA implements new number coding scheme for brand new cars

Words by Christopher Kho
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If you're driving a brand new car with no plate numbers, you definitely need to listen up. The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has begun implementing Memorandum Circular No. 06 entitled “Guidelines in the implementation of the UVVRP for new vehicles without license plates but with conduction stickers.”
The newly-signed memorandum reiterates that brand new vehicles without license plates are also covered by the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP), otherwise known as the number coding scheme. But here's the catch. As we've reported earlier this month, MMDA wants dealers and vehicle owners to prominently display the conduction sticker “on spaces allotted for regular license plates in front and at the rear of the vehicle.”
But as most of you know, dealers normally put the conduction stickers on the upper right hand corner of the front and rear windshields. So what do you do now? Instead of trying to remove the darn sticker, the MMDA simply wants to copy the conduction sticker number on a piece of card board and place it on the plate number holder until the LTO issues plates for your vehicle. Sounds a bit like a preschooler's art project doesn't it?
Well, MMDA Traffic Director Atty. Yves Gonzales posted a better solution on his Twitter page @doblezeta: “...flip the placeholder plate number, then paint or pentel pen the conduction sticker number on the blank side.”
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There are some of us, however, who are willing to go the extra mile just to make our cars look extra special. We've seen some vehicle owners who printed the conduction sticker number on a piece of paper or cardboard with a computer, then had it laminated. Some crafty individuals, like our friend Carlo Chungunco from Lexus Manila Inc., even bought computer-cut decals found in some automotive accessory shops and used them to form the conduction sticker number. Check out his photo showing what he did with his Toyota 86.
But no matter how ugly or nice your craft may be, the MMDA is still charging a P300 fine to anyone who fails to follow the new memorandum.
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