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29 April 2013

BMW's new FlexiLease program is an ownership plan for bigwigs

bmw flexilease
Nothing says “You've made it” quite like a brand new BMW. That's why the Asian Carmakers Corporation (ACC), the official importer and distributor of BMW in the Philippines, came up with FlexiLease - their newest ownership program that will let all aspiring BMW owners know what it feels like to be top gun at the most convenient way possible.
FlexiLease is open for both individual and corporate customers and offers (1) minimal 10% deposit; (2) operating lease; and (3) 24 and 36 month lease terms. Plus, the monthly fees are inclusive of Comprehensive Insurance, LTO Registration, BMW Standard Maintenance Services, and Fast approval of lease applications (5 working days for individuals and 7 working days for corporate customers).
“As a way of sharing the success we’ve had for the past 10 years in the local market, we’re introducing FlexiLease as an additional option for Filipinos to experience the BMW Brand. For this program, we have partnered with Asia United Fleet Management Services, Inc. (AUFMS),” said Maricar Parco, President of ACC. “This program offers attractive benefits such as low deposit, low monthly fees, and an easy way to upgrade to a new BMW when new models are introduced.”
FlexiLease is not your typical financing option by offering these host of benefits:
Value for Money | For the initial cost, the customer simply pays a refundable 10% guaranty deposit as well as a one month cash advance rental fee. And since there is no purchase involved on the part of the customer, there is no need to pay for chattel mortgage which provides additional savings for the customer.
Better Use of Capital | As an operating lease, FlexiLease allows qualified clients to redirect the use of their funds to other important investments, rather than tying up cash in a transportation asset. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to lower balance sheet liabilities since monthly payments are typically classified as rental expenses in the income statement. This can come out as tax benefits because the lease payments are tax-deductible.
Flexibility and Convenience of Lease Terms | At the end of every lease term, the customer has three options: return the car and use the deposit to begin a new lease term for another brand new BMW, re-new the lease contract for another term, or simply, end the lease term and return the car.
Low Ownership and Maintenance Costs | FlexiLease covers the comprehensive insurance coverage and LTO Registration, as well as the regular maintenance costs of owning a car.
“What makes FlexiLease a convenient option in getting a car is that the lease fees already include insurance, registration fees from the LTO, and other standard maintenance costs, and still let you save more money at the end of every lease term,” says Glen Dasig, ACC Executive Director of Sales and Marketing.
With these unique conveniences and benefits, all you have to worry about is where your reserved parking space will be at the office.
Inquire more about BMW's FlexiLease program by visiting all authorized local BMW dealerships or You can also email inquiries to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .