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07 March 2011

Honda drives for Fuel Economy

Honda Cars Philippines Inc. Press Release
ecosafety training
Honda Cars Philippines, Inc.’s (HCPI) longtime commitment to promote fuel economy awareness comes at an opportune time. Ongoing political tension in the crude-rich Middle East has caused fuel prices to spike to P53 per liter. In this time of fuel crisis, any form of savings is highly fitting.
Every year, HCPI conducts its fuel efficiency driving competition entitled Honda Challenge Cup to teach economical driving techniques. Recently, the Honda group of companies, through the Honda Foundation, staged its first eco-safety driving training among government fleet operators under Honda’s Clean Fleet Management Program. A total of 16 representatives from the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), and Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) attended the whole day training.  

“Come high or low gas prices, Honda has pioneered in providing fuel efficiency awareness by holding Honda Challenge Cup since 1996,” said Mr. Voltaire Gonzales, Head of Vehicle Sales and Corporate Communications of HCPI. “For fifteen years now, Honda has been advocating practical tips in order to drive every drop of fuel,” he added.
Honda’s program taught government fleet operators the simple formula: DRIVER plus VEHICLE plus FUEL equals FUEL ECONOMY. Using correct driving habits, a well-maintained vehicle that is designed with fuel-saving technology and high quality fuel that aids better combustion efficiency, one can easily save on fuel.  

Here are a few practical tips to gain extra fuel mileage:
  1. Plan your journey. Avoid congested roads that are under construction.
  2. Change your driving habits. Leave early to avoid traveling during peak hours. Also, combine small trips and errands. Your car burns 20% more fuel every time you start your engine cold. 
  3. Gas up wisely. Buy gasoline during the coolest time of the day and use only clean and high quality fuels.
  4. Get rid of all extra weight. Extra weight reduces mileage especially when driving inclines. Your car’s mileage reduces by 2% for every 100 pounds.
  5. Accelerate with care. Avoid jack-rabbit starts and avoid sudden, heavy braking. Rapid speeding and sudden braking decrease fuel efficiency by 5% in city driving.
  6. Shift gears sensibly. On hills, shift up as soon as you can without lugging the engine.
  7. Pick a lane and stay on it. Frequent changing of lanes is unsafe and burns more fuel.
  8. Observe proper maintenance. Regularly tune up your car to ensure best performance. A clogged up air filter can waste one mile per gallon. Dirty oil can cause friction and can rob you of gasoline mileage.
  9. Check your tires. Keep your tires properly inflated. Under-inflated tires are dangerous and require the engine to produce more power to drive the vehicle. Each under-inflated tire causes a 1% increase in fuel consumption.
  10. Park your car properly. Park your car under the shade of a building or a tree whenever possible.
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