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16 April 2013

Aeolus Tires rolls in new passenger car tire line-up at 9th MIAS

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You might not have heard of them before, but Aeolus Tires have actually been around since the 60's. Well, in China at least where its headquarters is based. They're currently ranked 20th among the “Top 75 Global Ranking Tires” according to their portfolio and have partnered with bus, truck, and commercial vehicle manufacturers such as DFM and Foton. As proof of how good their tires are, the brand has now built a solid reputation in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. And now, they're here in the Philippines with a full line-up of passenger car tires that debuted at the recently-concluded 2013 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS).
Technically, Aeolus Tires first came to the Philippines back in 2000 where they started distributing tires for buses, trucks, and heavy equipment. Now, they're extending their portfolio by offering a wide variety of passenger car tires that according to them are “guaranteed to be dependable, durable, and very cost-effective.”
aeolus greenaceaeolus utilityace
Their most basic tire is called GreenAce AG02, designed mainly for long mileage applications such as taxis or fleet vehicles. This pretty much explains why it's only available for 13- and 14- inch rim sizes. And as the name suggests, they've designed this for optimum fuel efficiency.
Then, there's the UtilityAce AS02 - a sporty tire made for SUVs. Like the GreenAce, it's also made for longevity and fuel efficiency. But to help it cope with rough terrain, Aeolus claims that it's also a good performer on mud and snow. Sizes range from 15 to 17-inch rims.
aeolus precisionaceaeolus steeringace
For your regular subcompact and compact hatchback or sedan, Aeolus has the PrecisionAce AH01. The brochure actually says it's “designed for limousine,” but we guess it means that this tire will make your car drive like one; comfort-wise, not handling-wise. Available in 14- to 17-inch rim sizes, they've designed the PrecisionAce to prevent wheel damage when you accidentally hit the sidewalk.
Finally, track day enthusiasts should try out SteeringAce AU01 - Aeolus' high performance tire. Asymmetric grooves and something they call “Seamless Beat Wire Connection Technology” should provide excellent high-speed stability and grip. It's available in 14- to 20-inch rim sizes, ranging from as tall as 65 series to as low as 35 series.
Aeolus is not your typical “made in China” brand, which tends to be cheap and substandard. These guys have done their homework and actually have an in-house R&D department. The four tires listed above are pretty advanced too, which were all just launched in 2012. They might just want to rethink their tagline “The Preferred Alternative,” which doesn't speak too well about their brand.
The Philippine distributor of Aeolus Tires, however, has failed to give us a list of shops where you can buy tires, so you will have to try your nearest tire shop and ask if they carry the brand.
Check out Aeolus Tire's full line up by visiting