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05 April 2013

MMPC issues safety recall for 1,420 units of the all-new Mirage

mirage recall
Barely four months have passed since the all-new Mirage was launched, and yet Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) is already recalling 1,420 examples of their latest subcompact hatchback. The voluntary safety recall was issued to address concerns about the Antilock Brake System or ABS. Coverage of of this recall are units sold between November 2012 and March 2013.
MMPC's principal Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has discovered that the front wheel speed sensors on the affected Mirage units had insufficient waterproofing. And if penetrated by water from rain or during carwash, it may cause the ABS to not function correctly. Although there has been no reported accident as a consequence of this problem, MMPC is voluntarily conducting this safety recall as a its proactive commitment to quality and customer safety.
MMPC will be publishing the official list of 1,420 affected units at sometime in the near future. Mirage owners can also check if their vehicle is affected by entering the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the website. In addition, all affected customers will receive a letter of notice through registered mail.
If in case your Mirage is part of the recall, there should absolutely be no reason to panic. A failed sensor will not, in any way, cause your vehicle to spontaneously errupt into flames nor will it make it undrivable or unsafe. We at are pretty sure that it'll still drive perfectly normal. The only potential safety risk is that your ABS might not work, so please do maintain proper distance to the vehicle in front of you as you normally should.
Do care to note that if your Mirage's VIN is not on the list, it should automatically mean that it's not part of the recall and you have nothing to worry about. Also, all GLX models, which are not equipped with ABS, are not part of this program.
The replacement procedure is estimated to only take one (1) hour and is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. One good way to go about this is by scheduling it in conjunction with your regular Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PMS).
MMPC has already mobilized its Customer Relations Department to contact all the customers with Mirage GLS models. All of Mitsubishi's service centers nationwide have likewise been alerted to do the necessary inspection and repair on all affected units.
Once you very that your Mirage is indeed affected by the recall, through the website or upon receipt of the letter, please contact the Mitsubishi Customer Care Center (CCC) at (+632) 658-0673 from Monday to Friday (7:00 am to 4:00 pm) to schedule the repair of you unit at any authorized Mitsubishi Service Center.
Coincidentally, the recall was annouced just one day after the all-new Mitsubishi Mirage GLS was awarded the 2012 - 2013 Car of the Year Philippines (COTY-P) at the 9th Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) held at the Philippine Trade and Training Center (PTTC).
When asked if the recall makes the Mirage any less of a champion, CAGI President Ferman Lao remarked, “Absolutely not. A voluntary recall is one of the best affirmations and assurance that a manufacturer can make to their clients. When a vehicle is voluntarily recalled, it means that the manufacturer has found the possibility of a problem occurring and wants to address the problem before it occurs. It's also done at no cost to the car owner other than a trip to the dealership.”