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25 February 2013

YOJIN3 Total Care program gives new Mazdas 3-years of TLC in the Philippines

Words by Christopher Kho
mazda yojin3
What's the point of having an extended warranty if you'll have to follow a strict preventive maintenance schedule that costs an arm and a leg? Plus, they'll void it even if you miss just one appointment. And don't even get me started about making warranty claims. Please, we're customers, not criminals.
Thankfully, the new people behind Mazda, Berjaya Auto Philippines, wants all their new customers to be treated like family. That's why they created the YOJIN3 Mazda Total Care program so you and your Mazda will have three years of TLC and a worry-free ownership experience.
Derived from the Japanese word “Youjin” which translates as “care” in English, the YOUJIN3 Total Care program offers (a) FREE 3-Year Periodic Maintenance Service, (b) 3-Year Roadside Assistance with exclusive Mazda concierge service, and (c) 3-Year bumper-to-bumper Manufacturer Warranty.
Think of it as having your own personal butler who will you serve you, come to your rescue, and even make you feel better, but working for free.
“We are putting real commitment behind best in industry customer experience with every Mazda sold from Berjaya Auto Philippines and our network of dealerships. All the customer needs to do is to schedule the service, bring the car in and pick it up - we take care of the rest including the cost of service. Plus they enjoy stress free motoring for 3 years under our nationwide roadside assistance with concierge service,” said Steven Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Berjaya Auto Philippines. “YOJIN3 takes out the worry and stress of owning a Mazda, leaving you to enjoy driving exhilaration of Mazda’s zoom-zoom!” he added.
All new Mazda vehicles sold starting January 1, 2013 comes with the YOJIN3 Total Care program at no additional cost. With this, new Mazda owners will enjoy FREE Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) for a period of 3-Years or 60,000 km whichever comes first. This includes parts, labor, and lubricants. Factor in how much all of that would cost in a span of three years and it's not hard to see just how affordable your Mazda truly is. Think about it. All you need to pay for in the first three years is fuel, parking, and maybe insurance. But wait, there's more!
To fulfill the worry-free experience, owners will also have access to Mazda's nationwide roadside assistance and exclusive concierge service. That mean they won't just change a flat tire on your Mazda, but also book hotel and restaurant reservations for you.
To top it all off, all new Mazda vehicles come standard with bumper-to-bumper 3-Year Warranty or 100,000 km, whichever comes first.
Sounds crazy right? But better believe it. Mazda's YOJIN3 Total Care program is a first in the Philippines. And what they're trying to show you is just how enjoyable and rewarding it is to drive a Mazda.