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11 January 2013

Volvo taps Ericsson to keep their cars connected online

Words by Christopher Kho
volvo ericsson
It seems like Volvo has been off the grid for quite some time. So to keep themselves up-to-date, they've teamed up with Swedish neighbor and telecommunications giant Ericsson to get their cars back online. And what they've come up with is a service called “Connected Vehicle Cloud” that will allow drivers, passengers, and the car itself to access services available on the internet.
The technology will be a mashup of Volvo's “expertise in driver behavior and traffic security requirements” with Ericsson's “consulting and systems integration expertise.” That could mean that Volvos of tomorrow could access live info such as road hazards, emergency assistance, and maybe even communicate with other cars on the road. Of course, other online functions will most probably include remote diagnostics and remote locking which will be all accessible through a smartphone.
While they haven't released any specifics on their new software, Volvo said that with this system “the driver will be able to download applications, create an on-line service booking, and interact with partners.” But what really gets us interested is that this service will cover ALL Volvo car markets around the globe; and by ALL, we hope they also mean that the Philippines will be part of it.
The partnership between the two Swedes is also focused on the rapid development of Volvo's stand-alone Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) - a product range that consists of shared modules and scalable components that will be manufactured in a flexible production system. This new cloud-based service, however, will take a while before it's ready to hit production. So for the meantime, Volvo will be rolling out a simpler connected car service for their new vehicles just to catch up to the competition.