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17 December 2012

Unioil now pumps EURODiesel IV in all stations nationwide

Words by Christopher Kho
unioil euro4
It goes without saying that diesels are dirty (at least here in the Philippines, anyway). And yes, I'm referring to both the fuel and the engine. Okay, there are some newer cars out there that run on cleaner and newer diesel technology, but in reality, most of the ones that ply our roads don't. Our government, or more specifically the Climate Change Commission (CCC), actually has plans to rehabilitate some 500,000 PUVs that will reduce soot emissions by up to 80%, but that project will cost us P26 billion. So what if I tell you there's a way to get the same result without spending an extra penny? That's right, the answer is cleaner diesel fuel, and it's called EURODiesel IV from Unioil.
While the Department of Environment and Natural Resources's (DENR) mandate to use Euro IV fuel is still three years away, all Unioil stations nationwide now carry EURODiesel IV - the cleanest and most advanced diesel fuel in the country.
EURODiesel IV guarantees a maximum sulfur content of just 50 ppm (parts per million) compared to the typical 500 ppm of Euro II diesel we have today. According to their study, the 90% reduction in sulfur means there's about 90% less “sulfur oxides” and “sulfate particulate emissions” coming from both old and new engines. For those who don't remember a thing from chemistry class, all you have to know is that these particles will kill you faster when you breathe them in. EURODiesel IV also reduces smoke opacity (or what we call 'smoke belching') by around 80%, and best part of all, it's sold at the same price as conventional Euro II diesels.
Aside from Cleaner Emissions, EURODiesel IV also offers (1) Better Fuel Efficiency with its Higher Cetane Number, (2) Faster Cold-Start Performance, and a (3) Quieter Engine. And in case you're wondering, Unioil's EURODiesel IV is safe to use on older vehicles, even if they're not Euro IV certified. It can also be mixed with other non-Euro IV diesels with no issues. They do, however, advise replacement of old fuel pump seals and O-rings to avoid possible seal shrinkage - a small price to pay considering its benefits.
Just to clarify, the technology behind EURODiesel IV isn't proprietary nor is it groundbreaking. Euro IV is an emission standard that defines the acceptable limits for exhaust emissions. It has been around since 2005, but it has taken us so long to adopt it due to its higher price and a lack in political will. The only difference with Unioil is that they recognize the importance of a sustainable environment so they're taking one step ahead of the rest at no extra cost to the consumers.
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