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04 December 2012

Valvoline's NextGen Diesel will mark your truck go green

nextgen diesel
Back in April, Valvoline Philippines showed us a way how we can save the Earth one oil change at a time with NextGen - their latest premium oil that's made with 50% recycled oil. It offers 48% reduction in use of fossil fuels, 40% reduction in harmful and acidic emissions, and 20% reduction and global warming impact. Only problem is, NextGen was only available for gasoline engines in 10W40 viscosity at the time. But a quick chat with Valvoline Philippines Country Manager Virgilio “Gil” Mariano revealed that they now have NextGen for diesels.
Also made with 50% recycled oil, but with 100% guaranteed Valvoline Protection, Valvoline NextGen Diesel reduces engine deposits, wear, and carbon build-up. They also say that it should help maintain low levels of oil consumption and extend operating life. Thinking green, even its neon green bottle is made out of recycled materials.
Now available in 15W40 viscosity, NextGen Diesel can how help your diesel truck or SUV run a lot greener.
Valvoline NextGen Specifications:
SAE 15W-40