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20 November 2012

Michelin's new Agilis HD could be the toughest tire you can buy for your truck

michelin agilishd
What is sometimes considered as the lifeblood of a business, light trucks typically spend a lot of time on the road, in all types of weather and traffic conditions. Therefore, its robustness and reliability is always a top priority. That's why Michelin Philippines recently launched the Michelin Agilis HD - their newest heavy duty tire for light trucks and service vehicles, designed to give peace of mind to drivers and business operators.
Michelin Agilis HD is built for multi-purpose and demanding conditions, delivering the optimum combination of strength and protection against premature damage. It also offered improved mileage to make it more cost-efficient for businesses.
The new heavy duty tire copes with tough road conditions by: (a) using 30% stronger belt cables which reduces risk of tire damage, (b) adding 2kg of metallic casing reinforcement, (3) rolling on an aggressive tread pattern design for traction on rough surfaces, (4) utilizing a tread compound that's resistant to cut chip damage, and (5) adopting a high tread-groove ratio of 21.6% with 10.5 mm wide zigzag grooves.
This results in a tougher tire that can withstand rough road conditions, minimizes operating costs, and improves safety.
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