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12 November 2012

Ford celebrates 5 millionth SYNC-equipped vehicle in 5 years

Words by Christopher Kho
Not fond of the other fruity computer company, Ford asked Microsoft to develop for them what is essentially a smart phone for cars way back in 2005. The result of their collaboration was SYNC - a factory-installed and fully-integrated entertainment system that can take phone calls hands-free, manipulate vehicle controls, and follow voice commands much like a personal-butler would. It was launched in 2007, two days before the very first iPhone's debut. Since then, it has found its way into 14 Ford models. And just last week, the blue oval brand celebrated its 5 millionth SYNC-equipped vehicle.
While we replace our electronic devices such as cellphones and laptops every couple of years, we typically try to make our cars last until the day the engine falls out. That's why the SYNC development team designed its Windows-based platform to utilize USB and Bluetooth systems, so that it will work even with your latest device. This means that not matter how new your cellphone or tablet is, your SYNC-equipped Ford will never be left outdated. 
"Now, it's clear that building an open, upgradable connectivity platform has been key to the success of SYNC because it has allowed us to stay relevant to the consumer," said Paul Mascarenas, Chief Technical Officer and Vice President, Ford Research and Innovation. "With available SYNC, Ford vehicles are no longer stuck with the technology built in at the factory, they can keep pace with the latest consumer trends through simple software updates."
Today, SYNC is available in the Philippines with the all-new Ford Focus, Explorer, and Expedition. 
Ford says that, down the road, SYNC will come with Cloud connectivity, natural language processing, and machine learning. They're also hoping that it can carry a conversation with the driver, to keep long drives from getting lonely, maybe?