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29 October 2012

New microsite marks the all-new Chevy Colorado's online invasion

Would you believe, market studies have shown that today's pickup truck owners generally have active, achiever, and multi-tasking lifestyles. So to better suit these people who are always on the go, The Covenant Car Company Inc. (TCCCI), otherwise known as Chevrolet Philippines, has taken their all-new Colorado online. 
As the bow-tie brand's first vehicle-specific microsite in the country, is more than just your regular online brochure. Instead of simply listing down all the info, features, and specs that would otherwise bore the heck out of the typical web user, they went the extra mile to create an appealing, responsive, and engaging website that would better cater to the Colorado's potential customers.
They've stuffed it with neat infographics, cool videos, interactive pop-ups, and a 360 degree viewer (so you can see the all-new Colorado from all angles) to make information more accessible, readily available, and more importantly, fun. Think of it as a brew of TheOatmeal, YouTube, OMGPOP, and Cracked but without the cussing. 
“We acknowledge that the public always has a right to know all the necessary details of what they’re purchasing, so we’re saving interested buyers their precious time and effort by presenting relevant information in these avenues,” said TCCCI Sr. Marketing Manager, Bel Laureola.
While this is a first, Chevrolet has already followed it with yet another microsite for the Colorado's fraternal twin, the all-new Trailblazer at
With these microsites, TCCCI has made online car shopping more fun that we're hoping that the idea catches on not only with the other cars in their line up, but also with other car brands.