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18 October 2012

Isuzu Philippines' digital Fuel Calculator helps you prep for your trip

Whether you're traveling on the road for business or pleasure, one major factor you always have to consider is fuel cost. Though it shouldn't be that difficult to estimate how much will be spent on the pump, it definitely takes a lot experience to get the numbers spot on. Thankfully, the country's diesel expert Isuzu Philippines Corp. (IPC) created an online digital Fuel Calculator to help you punch the numbers for your road trip.
Available at, the Fuel Calculator determines your estimated fuel consumption and cost based on: (1) the Isuzu vehicle your driving, (2) its variant, (3) your starting point and destination within the Philippines, and (4) fuel price in Peso per liter. It does this by using a pre-determined Fuel Efficiency Rating for specific Isuzu models and Google's geomapping software to calculate for the fuel consumption and total travel distance. 
The results gives you an estimate of how much fuel will be consumed for the trip and how much it would cost to fill up. This should give you a ballpark figure to help you budget for business deliveries or family road trips. 
IPC's Fuel Calculator, however, has its limitations. The fuel efficiency ratings are based on ideal conditions, so different driving, traffic, and road conditions and other factors will affect actual results. Likewise, it does not compute for distances travelled by the vehicle via ferry. Still, it's a great tool for anyone who needs a helping hand.