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05 October 2012

Valvoline NextGen's top reasons why Recycled Oil will help save the world

Words by Christopher Kho
At the rate we're going, it wouldn't be such a surprise when the pollution we generate eventually causes our demise in just a few decades. And one of main sources of pollution is the use of crude oil. Extracting, using, and disposing crude oil and all of its constituents have an adverse effect on the environment, including us. 
If only we all took the responsibility to manage our resources properly, both environmental and health risks will be greatly reduced. Good thing Valvoline is doing its part through NextGen - their first premium oil that's made with 50% recycled oil. And here are the top reasons why Recycled Oil will help save the world.
Healthier Environment
Valvoline NexGen uses 56% less resources compared to oil made without recycled content. It reduces the use of fossil fuels by 48%, lessens harmful and acidic emissions by 40%, and saves millions of barrels of crude oil per year versus conventional oil. And because it's not disposed as waste, it prevents used oil from contaminating the soil and water. NextGen preserves natural resources without compromising quality. 
50% Recycled
By using 50% recycled oil, NextGen reduces the worldwide demand for crude oil. It also limits drilling, transportation, and other pollution-generating activities that conventional oil requires. NextGen selects only recycled base oils that meet Valvoline's high quality standards. This is to assure that the gas it emits is safer than the usual oils. 
High Quality
Valvoline NextGen is not simply cleaned dirty oil. It uses a new refining process that processes the used oil in several steps to produce high quality oil. 
Valvoline's NextGen is a premium mineral oil, made with 50% recycled oil, but with 100% guaranteed Valvoline protection.