Words by John Luther Garcia | Photos courtesy of Hyundai Motor America
In just over two decades, Hyundai’s small sports car evolved from the humble Scoup (named from blend of the words sporty and coupe), the front-wheel-drive Coupe of the mid 90’s, to the fiery Genesis Coupe of today. And at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, the Korean automaker continues to up the ante by showing off its latest concept coupe dubbed the 'i-oniq' that not only previews Hyundai’s future design language, but also their technological breakthrough primarily as a range-extended electric vehicle.
The i-oniq was penned by Hyundai’s R&D center in Germany, which goes to show the heavy European flavor on its design.  Instead of going bonkers on wild shapes and angles, the new sports coupe is restrained with subtle character lines and curves that are less showy.
Words by Niky Tamayo | Photos and video courtesy of Infiniti USA
Let's get this out of the way: I was going to title this: "Electrifying Concept Emerges", but that would have been over-the-top. Forget for the moment that the Infiniti Emerg-E is an electric sportscar concept with 402 horsepower and range-extender technology. Forget that it's made out of carbon-fiber, keeping the weight to a relatively trim 1.6 tons. Forget that it's a Japanese concept built in Europe based on a design by an American.
No, these are merely trivial items. The important thing here is that it's sexy. Damn sexy. The organically fluid lines sculpted into the body are something you'd expect from an Italian exotic with a seven-figure price tag, not an Infiniti. Did I mention how sexy it was yet?
Words by Niky Tamayo | Photos courtesy of Bentley Motors Limited
Global recession and gas prices may still be on everyone's mind, but apparently not on Bentley’s. Unveiling at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show, the EXP 9 F SUV concept is the company's way of exploring “new terrain.” (Their words, not mine.) Of course, this being a Bentley, it can't very well stoop to using twin-turbo V8s like the proletariat. The Concept features a 6.0L W12 engine that "could" develop 600 hp and 800 Nm... if his eminence so desires.
To remind you that this thing has a twin-turbocharged engine, the 23-inch wheels are designed to look like turbines. So are the air intakes around the daytime running lights. And even though the headlights are not much different from those on current production Bentleys, gosh-darn-it, they look kind of turbo-fanny, too.
Words by Niky Tamayo | Photos courtesy of Rinspeed Inc.
Rinspeed may build little else besides their outrageous concepts, but their yearly appearance at the Geneva Auto Show keeps them in the limelight, if not always for the right reasons. Frank Rinderknecht’s newest vision, however, deserves recognition for tackling the electric car problem in a unique and very stylish way with the expandable Dock+Go concept.
While the 2002 Rinspeed Presto Concept was also an expandable, multi-use vehicle, the Dock+Go takes it a step further. As Rinderknecht notes, since you don’t take an empty steamer trunk with you when you’re not travelling far, why should you carry around all that empty cargo space when you don’t need it? Instead of a fixed trunk, the Dock+Go has what Rinspeed refers to as “backpacks on wheels.”
Words by Niky Tamayo | Photos courtesy of Kia Motors Corp.
Do you love to drive? I mean, do you REALLY love to drive? If so, you’ve probably been to the racetrack quite a few times. A true track-addict should know the pains of trying to fit a crocodile jack, an emergency kit, tools, a helmet, an extra set of wheels, and racetrack-only tires in the back-seat of your sedan. Well, if you want the perfect answer for your trackday blues, Kia has the answer for you: The Track’ster concept.
Debuting at the Chicago International AutoShow, the Track’ster is an all-wheel drive, 250 horsepower three-door hatchback that previews what the upcoming Soul may look like. So a turbocharged two-liter all-wheel drive hatchback is something Subaru has already done, but the difference is in the execution. The Track’ster is based on the Soul, so it has a “subcompact” footprint, as opposed to the “compact” Impreza.
Words by Christopher Kho | Photo and video courtesy of Porsche AG
Originally codenamed the 'Cajun', Porsche has now traded the somewhat edible alias of its new small sporty SUV for a more vigorous title: the Macan. And if you think that it's still in a concept stage, well, think again because according to Porsche, production begins in 2013
Porsche has not released any details or specs of its upcoming SUV. Sources, however, point towards the probability that the Macan will be riding on the same platform as the Audi Q5, but with Porsche's own running gear. We don't think they'd be crazy enough to fit in the Cayenne's V8, so a smaller V6 or even a four-cylinder hybrid model sounds more realistic. But then again, we shouldn't be underestimating the Germans.
Words by Niky Tamayo | Photos courtesy of Nissan Motor Company
invitation_frontquarterThey aren't saying much in the brief press release, and what little is there is kind of vague, but from what we're being told by Nissan, the INVITATION Concept is a game changer. Yeah, if you look like Schumacher, you can drive like him, right? At least the styling shows that Nissan are benchmarking the best in the business. For those of you who don't see what I'm talking about, compare the photo above to Honda's friendly-neighborhood B-segment hatchback. If you still don't, time to see your optometrist. The INVITATION promises many innovative features, few of which have ever been seen on a B-class car before. Innovative technologies such as the "Around View Monitor" and Safety Shield come standard on the INVITATION. No further details are given except an expected ultra-low CO2 number.
It has been around three years since an Outlander was last sold in the Philippines after the sleeker and leaner ASX took its place and left the nameplate out in the cold. But in 2012, the Outlander is making a comeback and ready to reclaim its crown when Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) debuts an all-new model at the 82nd Geneva International Motor Show in March.
So far, Mitsubishi has only released one teaser image of the upcoming Outlander before the big reveal. Judging by this photo, the tri-diamond brand has ditched their signature gaping open-mouth grill for a retro two-tier chrome facet that is to become Mitsubishi's new corporate mark. We can also see that they've enhanced its jaw line with a ridged front bumper just like the ones on the upcoming Mirage. And if anyone recalls the PX-MiEV Concept from the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, then that might just give you an idea what the Outlander looks like from the back.
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