Words by Carl Trocio | Photos courtesy of Toyota Motor Company
Concept cars are car manufacturers’ way of keeping their designers awake. It seems that Toyota’s design crew locked themselves in a room, had a back-to-back DVD marathon of Disney’s “A Bug’s Life” and “Cars” and hit their drawing boards while still having a hangover with the Toyota COMS electric vehicle. The probable result of that kiddie slumber party might have been the Toyota Smart INSECT. No “Mr. I-can-put-two-and-two-together,” this is not Toyota’s love child with Daimler’s Smart brand. Geez, if you call a kid smart does it automatically mean Daimler impregnated the kid’s mom?
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Words by Niky Tamayo | Photos courtesy of Rinspeed Inc.
Rinspeed may build little else besides their outrageous concepts, but their yearly appearance at the Geneva Auto Show keeps them in the limelight, if not always for the right reasons. Frank Rinderknecht’s newest vision, however, deserves recognition for tackling the electric car problem in a unique and very stylish way with the expandable Dock+Go concept.
While the 2002 Rinspeed Presto Concept was also an expandable, multi-use vehicle, the Dock+Go takes it a step further. As Rinderknecht notes, since you don’t take an empty steamer trunk with you when you’re not travelling far, why should you carry around all that empty cargo space when you don’t need it? Instead of a fixed trunk, the Dock+Go has what Rinspeed refers to as “backpacks on wheels.”
Published in Concept